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How to do The Turnabout (3 Point Turn) for The Irish Driving Test

How to Do The Turnabout Point Turn for the Irish Driving Test

How to do The Turnabout (3 Point Turn) – The turnabout is a manoeuvre where you must safely turn your vehicle around on the road to face the opposite direction, it requires slow car speed and rapid steering movement, you should only complete a turn on the road when the traffic conditions make it safe … Read more

How to do The Hill Start for The Irish Driving Test

How to Master The Hill Start for The Irish Driving Test

How to do The Hill Start for The Irish Driving Test – Moving away on the hill can be challenging to any driver regardless of their experience. Keeping you’re vehicle from rolling back and moving off under control on an incline is a manoeuvre that chief driving instructor Nadine George from us here at Ladybird … Read more

How to Reverse Around the Corner for The Irish Driving Test

How to Reverse Around The Corner

How to Reverse Around the Corner for The Irish Driving Test – Reversing around the corner allows you to change direction if it’s too narrow to carry out the turn on the road. There are several ways of carrying out this manoeuvre, which can be discussed with you’re Ladybird Driving Instructor on the day. Our … Read more

How Can I Learn to Drive During Lockdown?

How Can I Learn to Drive During Lockdown

Despite being in lockdown it doesn’t prevent you from still getting some time to practice behind the wheel whilst still staying within the guidelines. There are a few things to keep in mind if you are thinking about practising outside of normal driving lessons. We have put this useful guide together to outline things you … Read more

Staying Safe Driving Lessons COVID19 – How We Keep You Safe During Driving Lessons Dublin!

Driving Lessons Safety Measures COVID19

Welcome to the Ladybird Driving School COVID19 Safety measures video. These measures will be implemented by our panel of Ladybird instructors for each lesson to ensure the safety of our instructors and pupils, which is always our number one priority. This means that Ladybird driving school will now be the first driving school in Ireland … Read more

Driving Lessons Back 20th of July 2020

Driving Lessons COVID

We have been getting a huge amount of enquiries about resuming our Driving Lessons from new pupils. We want to help new pupils to understand the situation clearly and a bit better that faces most driving schools post lockdown. Before lockdown all of our instructors diaries were full. Full of EDT or Pretest pupils that … Read more

When Will Driving Lessons Resume?

When Will Driving Lessons Resume?

The questions that is on everyones lips at the minute. When will driving lessons resume? We are getting 100s of people asking the question daily so we’re going to do out the road map. When Will Driving Lessons Resume? Road Safety Authority have made another announcement on the 5th of June 2020 that some have … Read more

Reduced EDT Driving Lessons


Reduced EDT Driving Lessons What does EDT stand for in Reduced EDT  driving lessons.Essential Driver training. This is the minimum training syllabus as laid down by the RSA in Ireland. Every day we get enquiries about the Reduced EDT programme that the RSA introduced on the 21st January 2019. The purpose of this article is … Read more

Independent V Established Brand

Independent Operator Versus an Established Brand We get asked all the time ‘ Should i become an Independent Operator Versus an Established Brand’. When you qualify and become a Qualified Instructor you will then be faced with the scary task of finding regular and sustained pupils.As  newly qualified you will get a few family and friends … Read more