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When Will Driving Lessons Resume?


The questions that is on everyones lips at the minute. When will driving lessons resume? We are getting 100s of people asking the question daily so we’re going to do out the road map.

When Will Driving Lessons Resume?

The Road Safety Authority have made another announcement on the 5th of May 2020 that they are still awaiting confirmation from the HSE.


Since the Irish government announced the phase scheme to get businesses back to work it looks like driving school’s will be in Phase 5.

Even tho driving schools or driving instruction was not mentioned in any of the phases it seems that phase 5 best suits us.

Phase 5 is scheduled to return to work for August 10th 2020.

You can see more information here: https://www.gov.ie/

RSA Announcement

5th of May 2020

At present the majority of RSA services are suspended until further notice. Following the publication of the Government’s road map for the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, we are studying this document and looking at when services might be able to reopen.

We will also need to consult with the relevant authorities and stakeholders to ensure the reopening of any services meets the government’s and health authorities’ guidelines to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

As soon as this is completed, we will then be able to update the public on when services will restart.

We do envisage that when services reopen it will firstly be on a limited basis, with new protocols in place to meet health guidelines and where customers may need to be prioritised.RSA

So What are the steps for  when will driving lessons resume

Driving schools need to create their own Covid19 back to work Sanitation Etiquette and clearly state this for the public to read on their Website and Social media.

On initial contact over the phone or email  the pupil should be asked if they have had the Virus,know anyone or be in contact with anyone who has currently got the Virus and/or if they have been contact traced.

Then the physical health of the pupil needs to be established.Do the have a temperature of 38degrees Celsius or above, have they got a persistent cough or shortness of breath.

General advice to protect yourself and fasttrack when driving lessons will resume

As we all know by now the general advice to protect yourself is to wash your hands frequently and properly with an Alcohol based hand rub.

Practice good Respiratory hygiene when coughing or sneezing and cover your mouth and nose with a flexed elbow or arm.

Avoid touching your eyes,nose and mouth.

Before the lesson begins

We offer some ideas and sanitation solutions Pre and Post lesson and will be guided by the RSA and the HSE in relation to best practice when the time comes.

  • Before conducting and lesson whether from the Test Centre or a home pick up you should have already established the following information
  • Do they have any symptoms such as High temperature,Dry cough or shortness of breath,
  • Do they know anyone who has these symptoms also.
  • Have  they or anyone they know traveled to or from a high risk area.
  • To make sure they have their own PPE such as face mask and gloves ,should the guidelines say so.
  • On arrival at the lesson location you should physically evaluate the condition of the pupil before the lessons begins.
  • Advise that hand sanitizer is in the boot and please use this before entering the drivers seat or passenger seat.Have all PPE on their person  prior to entering the car.In the boot your PPE/sanitation equipment should consist of ,
  • Appropriate masks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Antibacterial wipes and spray
  • Disposable bin bags.
  • No handshakes

The Car will be sanitized properly before every lesson and there will be no physical contact between the Instructor and the pupil and the learner permit will be shown to the Instructor not handed.

Windows Should be down somewhat to allow for ventilation.Wind breakers on both front car doors are useful for this purpose.

During the Lesson

The lesson content should remain as before except you should not offer the training aid by hand.You can show the necessary diagrams but not give it to the pupil.

Any writing should be done by the ADI.

Avoid face to face interaction if possible id discussing and briefing or recapping.

After the lesson

The pupil should leave the car and take all of their PPE equipment and dispose properly.

Instructor should do the same with their PPE equipment  and the process of in car sanitation and hygiene control should begin to get ready for the next pupil.

These guidelines are just a step towards improving in car sanitation and protection for both instructors and pupils.As we stated earlier these are a guide but we await the correct protocols from the RSA and HSE in order to amend our Covid19 back to work in car protocols.

We hope we have answered  most of the anxiety around when will driving lessons resume.


Learning Resources

If your eager to kick start your lessons and become a safe driver you can keep on top of your study with the following resources we’ve provided: