Under The Bonnet Checks for The Irish Driving Test


Under The Bonnet Checks for The Irish Driving Test – For the practical test you will be asked a number of technical questions. This is to establish that you can carry out basic checks and that your vehicle is safe for use.

The driving test consists of showing me or telling me up to three of the following checks:

Coolant Checks

You will be asked to identify where the coolant is located and how to check it has the correct fluid level.

This can be done visually.

The fluid in the expansion tank should measure between the minimum and maximum marks as indicated on the tank.

Brake Fluid Checks

You can identify this visually. It will display the international symbol for brakes.

The levels should be generally indicated by the levels on the bottle.

Windscreen Washer Fluid Check

Check if there is enough washer fluid in the tank and that you can use windscreen wash additive.

Dipstick & Oil Top up Checks

Using the dipstick to check engine oil level.

Carry out this check on a level surface.

Take out the dipstick, wipe it, reinsert and when you remove it again you can see the oil fluid level between minimum and maximum markings on the dipstick.

Should any oil be needed pour in 1 litre at a time and check again until the desired level has been reached.

All fluid levels should be checked when the vehicle is cold and the engine is off.

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