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    How to Become a Driving Instructor in Ireland

    In this short video we explain how you can become a qualified driving instructor by passing all 3 stages

    Become a Driving Instructor with Ladybird

    Become an qualified driving instructor with the leading driving coaches in Ladybird Driving School. From submitting your RSA forms to delivering expert driving lessons we give you unparalleled support you need.

    We have the reputation of delivering above the industry standards driving instructor training and delivering complete end-to-end support for you in your quest to become a qualified driving instructor.

    Driving Instructor Training

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    Because of the freedom and flexibility with which you can work, driving instructors are entitled to the status of self-employment with all the tax advantages that it confers.

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    Steps to Become a Driving Instructor

    Below is a step-by-step guide on how to become a driving instructor with us from that all important first phone call to us, right the way through to becoming a qualified driving instructor and taking up your guaranteed position with one of our driving schools based in Dublin.

    Driving Instructor Training

    Our Exceptional Driving Instructor Training Syllabus Ladybird driving instructors are simply the best trained driving instructors in the country.

    At Ladybird Driving School we deliver the Ultimate Driving Instructor Training Support Programmes because we understand the importance of top-class training and support to the success of our business.

    All our instructors are hand-picked by two industry leading professionals with a combined experience of over 50 years in the driver training business. Colm Branigan, Kevin Horgan and Nadine George (one of the most sought after instructors in Dublin) make up a specialist training team delivering a post qualification syllabus that is simply not available any where else in the country.

    Colm Branigan is the only Driving Instructor in Ireland who has become a Qualified Driving Coach specialising in Coaching and Client-Centred Learning Techniques.

    These specialised techniques set us apart from all our competition, guaranteeing customer success and astonishing value for money.

    All our Ladybird Driving Instructors understand the importance of delivering a great lesson experience for every customer, every time.

    How long will it take to become a driving instructor?

    Regardless of who you choose to train with, the time it takes to qualify as a driving instructor is subject to the RSA’s examination schedules. There are three parts to the ADI examination, a theory test, a driving test and a practical test of your ability to instruct.

    Each part has to be taken consecutively, and each will carry with it a six week waiting period (sometimes longer). Consequently, the exam process itself from start to finish is at least 18 weeks assuming there are no other delays.

    This is why we at Ladybird recommend that the driving instructor training is carried out over a period of weeks on a part-time basis rather than intensively.

    Our driving training course has been tailored in such a way that it fits around the RSA’s exam schedule, and as well as minimising any ‘idle’ periods in training whilst waiting for a test date, the flexibility of our part-time course also allows students to manage their training around any other full or part-time commitments they have.

    Bearing this in mind, it will inevitably take some months to fully qualify. Although not essential, this would enable you to get up to six months part-time or full-time practical experience in preparation for the Part 3 exam.

    Common Questions

    How long does it take to become an instructor?
    If you are organised and efficient you can be fully qualified within 6-8 months depending on all documents being in order initially. You can stay in your current job while training.
    How do I apply and what documentation is needed?
    You will need to fill out the application form,Garda vetting form, copy of your tax clearance reference number, 2 signed passport photos and proof if identification.
    What are the fees to become qualified?
    There are the RSA exam fees of €150 Stage 1,€200 stage 2 and €200 Stage 3. Training fees are €100 per 2 hour 121 sessions in car for stage 2 and 3. Typically it takes 8-12 hours to pass stage 2 and 10-14 hours to pass stage 3.
    What type of earnings are instructors on?
    Depending if you work part time hours or full time you can typically multiply your hours by €35 on average instructors work 30-40 hours per week.
    I have a family and 2 young children how does it work for me?
    This job is tailor made for your situation as you work around school and holiday times. You decide on the hours you want to work and we do the rest. Our existing instructor panel has similar situations and all work 20-30 hours perfectly around their family life.
    Do I have to pay fees upfront or can I pay as I go?
    You can pay as you go no problem.
    Do I need my own car or can I use the school car?
    We would say your own car is helpful once you are qualified but we can also on a case by case basis offer our cars for a period of time just un-till you learn a bit more about the business and have confidence this is the job for you.
    What's involved in Stage 1, 2 and 3
    Stage 1 is a multiple choice Theory test of 100 questions and you must achieve 75% overall. Stage 2 is an Advanced driving test and lasts 1 hour and 10 minutes on all types of roads. Motorway, country roads, with 5 manoeuvres also. Stage 3 is the instructional ability exam. A 121 role play exam where the tester will adopt the role of a new driver and then trained driver.

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