Top 5 Car Accessories after Passing Your Driving Test


Top 5 Car Accessories after Passing Your Driving Test

So you have passed your driving test and getting your own car is hugely exciting and fulfilling.

Once you have got your car however there are some beneficial car accessories and gadgets that are extremely handy and can keep you safe at the same time.

We have picked out the best and most useful ones to help improve driver safety that keep your concentration on the road at all times.

If parents or friends are wondering what they can buy you as a gift for passing your test or at Christmas then this list should help.

Mobile Phone Magnetic Car Phone Vent Holder

Mobile Phone Magnetic Car Phone Vent Holder

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We live in a technology based world now and fortunately or unfortunately our phones have taken over our lives in some ways. However there are a lot of useful features designed to make our car journeys easier.

GPS navigation and speakerphone for taking in car calls. You should never use your phone while driving and these features can easily be set up before your journey starts.

Its penalty points if you are caught using your phone while driving therefore the safest way to display your phone when driving to use the benefits of it is by using a proper device to fix it into before the start of your journey.

Magnetic car phone holders are a great way to display your phone but in the safest way possible.These magnetic phone holders clip onto the air vents.

Here is a much better option than the suction phone holders that mount on the windscreen which can obstruct your view of the road.

Alcohol Breathalyser

Alcohol Breathalyser

We all know the laws and rules around drink driving but yet there are still people who think they can get away with it and in particular the next morning after the session the night before. Alcohol can take hours to leave your system.

Having a handy but extremely useful accessory such as an Alcohol Breathalyser can take away any doubts whether or not you should attempt to drive or not or whether you are over the limit.

This gadget is a potential lifesaver and a must have if you like to socialise but also want to keep yourself safe at all times.

Not expensive in terms of what it delivers and we would advise every young driver should carry one of these in the car.

Water Resistant Wing Mirror Stickers

Water Resistant Wing Mirror Stickers

Lets face it we live in Ireland. Theres a fair chance its going to rain,and rain,and rain.Its very frustrating not being able to see out of the wing mirrors and then having to try and wipe them to clear them is not possible during a journey.

These handy wing mirror stickers are made with water resistant material so rain doesn’t settle on them leaving the wing mirrors free from mist, rain drizzle or any wetness at all.

Dash Cam

Dash Cam

With the claim culture unfortunately as it is if a young novice driver is in a collision and cant prove or verify it was not their fault then it could go against them if it proceeds to court.

The Dash cam provides physical evidence of who was in the wrong.The cost of purchasing a dash cam are very much worth the investment and they could end up saving you much much more if you’re ever involved in a collision thats not your fault.

Dash cams don’t take up much room on your windscreen and indeed some dash cams are very small and clip onto the rear view mirror.

Some dash cams automatically saves footage to your phone through an app so you can view this footage easily from different platforms.

When you are choosing a Dash Cam please take into consideration the installation. Choose one you are not going to need an electrician to install!

Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind Spot Mirrors

If you have taken lessons here at Ladybird you will be very familiar with the Instructor telling you about your blind spots and when and how to use them.

Lots of accidents happen as a result of drivers forgetting to check these either moving off or changing direction.

Blind spot mirrors are a very effective way to improve driver safety because they allow you to see in your blind spot without turning around fully. There are lots of cyclist and bikes that you will really need to be careful of while you drive.

Having done your lessons and passed with us here at Ladybird Driving School you would have been well informed as to the reason and times to check the all important blind spots.

There are many accidents occur due to drivers forgetting to check their blind spots which is why we thoroughly go through this aspect on every lesson.

Blind spot mirrors are a very effective way to improve safety while driving by allowing you see whats in your blind spot without needing to fully turn your head and are very cheap at around four euro to buy.

There are many car accessories and gadgets on the market. The ones we mention are just some of the ones we feel can make life that bit easier for new and existing drivers.

Do your research before purchasing and remember where you can buy locally and support the community.