Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

Book Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin with Ladybird Driving School. Not everyone can handle the manual gears of a manual car so for that reason automatic driving lessons are much preferred.

Most of our Ladybird pupils who switched from manual said that they preferred automatic driving lessons and continue on to passing their test in a quicker amount of time.

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No clutch means no problems and a lot less stress on busier roads. At ladybird automatic driving school our instructors tell us that our automatic pupils are far more relaxed in built up areas and find the manoeuvres a lot easier as there is no clutch control needed.

You must remember that you may only drive automatic cars if you sit the automatic drivers licence.

12 EDT Automatic Driving Lessons

Our panel of Elite Ladybird Automatic Instructors have been the number 1 choice when it comes to Automatic Driving lessons in Dublin for many years. We deliver efficient 12 EDT lesson programmes in our fleet of automatic cars in half the time.

We can do 2 hour or 3 hour or 4 hour comprehensive intense courses for the pupils who are in a hurry.

We deliver the most comprehensive automatic driving lessons Dublin has to offer.

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Intensive Automatic Course

A Lot of our overseas doctors love this course and people who are very short on time.If you need to get on the road quickly then our intense 1 week course is the course for you.

We can complete all of your lessons within 1 week .We can also prepare you for your test within the same timeframe.

Passing your Automatic driving test is simple with us at Ladybird 🐞

Pretest Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

Automatic lessons just before sitting your driving test

If you have a driving test coming up in any of the Dublin test centres then Ladybird Driving School have female instructors ready and waiting to look after your needs.

We can pick you up from your house and drop you back after North or South Dublin.

Just fill out the Automatic driving lessons Dublin form on this page and we will take care of the rest.

  • Automatic Driving Lessons Tallaght
  • Automatic Driving Lessons Raheny
  • Automatic Driving Lessons Churchtown
  • Automatic Driving Lessons Finglas

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Your Automatic Driving Test Coming Up?

If you have an Automatic Driving test coming up in Tallaght, Churchtown, Finglas or Raheny test centres or need Automatic EDT driving lessons then Ladybird driving school can accommodate you every step of the way.

Our panel of Female instructors know the test routes inside out and will deliver our ultimate pretest and car hire package which is the main reason our pupils pass their automatic driving test first time.

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Automatic Driving Lessons FAQ

We have listed some of the most popular questions when it comes to automatic driving and lessons with us at Ladybird:

Can you do lessons in a automatic car?

Yes, of course you can. People tend to like starting driving lessons in a automatic car because it can be a lot easier than a manual car.

How much are automatic driving lessons?

Learning to drive in a automatic car costs slightly different than your average manual driving lesson. The average cost of 1 automatic driving lesson is €50. You can save a lot on purchasing bulk lessons with your Ladybird driving instructor. Automatic lessons are extremely limited so booking in advance is advised.

Is it easier to drive an automatic car?

Once only popular with elderly drivers and those unable to drive a manual car, automatic cars are now increasingly common. Not only are they easier and more relaxing to drive than a manual, in some cases they can be better on fuel and can cost less to maintain.

Whats the difference between automatic and manual cars?

With automatic cars its just less stress while driving. Not having to worry about gears and keeping both hands on the wheel makes it for a safer and relaxed drive. Also, that extra annoying pedal.

Can you do your driving test in a automatic car?

Yes, Defiantly! Automatic driving has gotten very popular over the past 4/5 years. The driving test will be easier to pass in an automatic if you are prone to stalling. Automatic cars can be safer to drive as there is no need to concentrate on gears and clutch.

Are automatic cars safer?

The automatic transmission is definitely the safer option if you are a novice driver. It does not require the driver to do much, reducing the chance to lose car’s control in traffic. Automatic cars can be easier to manoeuvre. The gearbox has some safety mechanisms, lowering the chance of accidents.

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