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    Learn to Drive with the Highest Rated Driving School Dublin

    Ireland’s only all female instructor driving school providing driving lesson Dublin. One of your aims & indeed most parents aims is that you Pass Your Driving Test after Learning to Drive.

    Ladybird Driving School Dublin has the reputation of delivering above the industry standards which means that passing your driving test becomes a reality quicker and more effectively than any other provider in this business.

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    If you are looking for a driving school near you in Dublin or surrounding areas you can count on us to be available. We have a team of driving instructors ready and waiting on your call in your area.
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    How to Calm Your Nerves on the Day of Your Driving Test

    It’s quite normal to get those test jitters on the day of your driving test but what sets you apart from others is your confidence to ace the driving test.

    Almost 2000 people take their driving test every day in the Ireland. Even though the failure rate is low but the stress kind of builds up among the students as there is involvement of high fees of driving lessons and test fees.

    So, if you are getting cold feet and don’t know how to keep yourself at peace before the epic driving test takes place, then you’re at the right place.

    Here are some of the easiest ways to calm your nerves on the day of your driving test:

    1. Trust your knowledge – Often students tend to doubt themselves or the lessons they have learned during their driving classes. When you learn passionately without missing out the instructor’s advice, then there is nothing to be worried about.

    All you need is an ample amount of practice and faith in yourself. Motivate and tell yourself that you’re ready to face the test and be successful at it.

    2. Don’t skip breakfast – Being empty stomach on the day of your driving test will not only be harmful to your health but also for your mental strength.

    The brain should be fuelled for the D-Day to help you concentrate and give your best to the driving test.

    3. Don’t pressurise yourself on test day – Prepare yourself completely for the driving test, so that on the test day, you need not put further stress on yourself.

    Maybe a mock drive before the test can help you ease up. But by all means, don’t put any additional pressure on yourself to be perfect.

    4. Arrive on time – One of the crucial aspects of keeping yourself calm and motivated is to reach the driving test location before time. If you have reached 15 minutes prior to the test, then you can soothe your nerves without hurrying.

    Make sure you keep your test day free from other pending tasks as that might create an additional burden and a problem for your driving test. You need to concentrate only on your test and nothing else!

    5. Say NO to caffeine – On your test day, make sure that you are hydrated as that will help you keep your cool during the driving test. Drinking too much coffee before the test might make you nervous even more or agitate you and make you lose your calm.

    The examiner isn’t your enemy, so take time and give your best shot for the test to be excellent. Remember, a calm and steady mind can overcome any hurdle.

    How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost in Dublin in 2021

    As more and more people are applying for driving schools to get trained professionally in Dublin, driving has become a major necessity among young and old pupils.

    Quite interestingly, there are several professional driving schools like ourselves who not only provide a combination of on the road lessons of road safety but also a selective number of hours for driving to the students.

    This will not only help them learn how to drive effectively but also help them to prepare for all kind of roadside emergencies or problems that might occur.

    As you start learning to driving, it gives you a sense of excitement and independence. But before you completely make up your mind about getting your driving lessons in Dublin, you should also be aware of the driving lessons’ cost in Dublin in 2021.

    The driving lesson costs seem to have increased in the past few years but with more advanced and enhanced lessons for the students, you are bound to make a smart investment.

    Along with the driving lessons charges, there are also the charges of official driver theory questions and answers and other study materials, the driver theory test, the learners permit, eyesight report, the EDT (Essential Driver Training) course, the driving test, the license plate for novice or learners, and finally the driver’s license for 10 years after passing the driving test.

    The 12 mandatory EDT lessons are ideal for those who are planning to make driving their profession.

    The costs vary from one driving school to another, but the generic cost are as follows:

    • The driver theory test costs around €45 for a car
    • The official driver theory test questions and answers set costs around €20
    • The fee for Learners Permit costs around €35 and you can apply for it at National Driver Licence Service NDLS centres that are located in Dublin
    • The driving eyesight test charges around €20 and is a compulsory check-up for every driving trainee who wants to drive vehicles in the future
    • The cost of the EDT lessons ranges from €390 to €549, with an average of €459
    • These lessons are highly professional and should be learned with utmost dedication
    • The driving test for car costs around €85 while the driving license for 10 years costs €55. You can also have the provision for a three-year driving license that will cost around €35 and a one-year driving license that will have a cost of €25
    • The license plates for learners and beginners cost around €6 for both.

    Our Successfully Passed Pupils

    Together, we’ll pass your driving test first time

    How Do We Achieve So Many Passes?

    We show you how the RSA tester wants you to drive exactly. We break it down into easy steps and show you what’s called junction priority so the tester clearly sees you have complete junction control.

    We give demonstration driving lessons to cover all manoeuvres so you can copy these on the test. Knowledge of the marking sheet is crucial. We break down the marking sheet section by section so you know what the tester will and won’t like.

    We speak to you the same way as the tester so no surprises on the day. Without this knowledge pupils are wasting time and money having to reapply again and again.

    Another reason why Ladybird Female Instructors are top of the pile when it comes to elite instructor training.

    Flexible Booking Schedules

    Ladybird Driving School is available on weekdays, weekends and on special occasions to fit around you.

    30 Years of Driving Instruction!

    30 years of experience giving lessons gives you the confidence we can help you pass your test first time.

    Upfront Affordable Pricing

    At Ladybird Driving School we always explain what they are going to do and agree prices – before any lessons begins.

    Common Questions

    🐞 Why learn with Ladybird Driving School?
    Ladybird driving school has the reputation of delivering above the industry standards. This means from the first time you sit in a Ladybird car to actually passing your full driving test we are more effective than any other provider in this business. We’re Ireland’s only all female Instructor driving school. Pass Your Driving Test after learning to drive with us is what we get out of bed for and this is exactly what we do here at Ladybird Driving School. We do it at your pace and your budget not ours.
    💁 How soon can I start my lessons?
    The aim for us here at Ladybird is to match you the learner with a Ladybird instructor within a hour of your initial enquiry. Your matched Ladybird instructor will then be in touch with a specific date of availability and then they will get you booked in. All contact is then between you the learner and your instructor. With the large amount of booking our Ladybird instructors have pre-booking a few weeks ahead is always recommended.
    🚗 Can I choose what car I learn in?
    Our instructors are independent but we do maintain a strict policy on their instructor vehicles. 99% of our instructor cars are Ford Fiesta’s from 171 to present. This is so they teach in the most up-to-date and duel controlled cars. All instructor cars are well maintained, clean and ready! You can even apply for car hire for your driving test with your chosen instructor.
    ⭐ Can I see the reviews for instructors?
    Yes of course! We have 100’s of glowing reviews that we are very proud of all across the internet. You can see most of the reviews we have mention our specific Ladybird driving instructors names so it is easy to spot the individual ones. You can see our most recent reviews on Google and Facebook pages.
    ❓ How many lessons do I need?
    Very common question with a very common answer. It depends. Our learners take on average 30 hours of driving lessons before passing their practical test – 17 hours fewer than the national average! So, if you’re new to the wheel, we’d recommend booking our 30-hour package. If you pass quicker, we’ll refund any unused hours (as long as you’ve used at least 20). And if you need a few more then you can top up by the hour to tide you over till your test. If you’d rather book a smaller lesson package to start with then that’s no problem – you can still top up by the hour once you’ve completed your first package to get yourself test-ready.
    💰 Driving lesson prices Dublin?
    To find driving lesson prices Dublin, just click here and fill our your details and make an enquiry. You will get our prices sent directly to your email. It’s as simple as that. Leave the rest to our team here at Ladybird driving school. We’ll make sure to put you in touch with the most suitable female driving instructor. Then you can get scheduled in and start your journey to becoming a safe, full licensed driver.
    💳 How do I pay for my lessons?
    You pay your designated Ladybird driving instructor directly. We do not handle any payments other than driving lesson gift vouchers via our website. You can agree your payment structor with your Ladybird instructor. Our instructors offer easy payment plans, discounts and special offers when booking in bulk.
    👋 Where will I get picked up and dropped off?
    We pair you with a local Ladybird driving instructor, so you’ll usually get picked up and dropped off at your home. If you wish to arrange alternative pick up and drop off locations, for example, school or work, our instructors are sure to accommodate, providing these locations are still within their driving lessons area.

    Don’t take our word for it

    Have a look at our most recent reviews from passed pupils

    Niamh Byrne Avatar
    Niamh Byrne
    11/16/2021 - Facebook

    Did all my refresher lessons and pre tests with Clodagh who is an outstanding teacher. She is patient kind so supportive both in the lessons and after always keeping in touch through WhatsApp to remind you of your good points and areas to work on. She was the most informed... read more

    Hannah Ettie Avatar
    Hannah Ettie
    11/11/2021 - Facebook

    I did a couple of pre tests with ladybird after having all my lessons complete for nearly a year. Natalie really helped calm my nerves and was so lovely during the whole experience, she really helped me boost my confidence which really helped me get over the line😄

    Ian O'Mara Avatar
    Ian O'Mara
    11/05/2021 - Facebook

    Done two Pre Tests with Loredana and passed my test today as a result. Would Highly recommend

    Shannon Dowling Matthews Avatar
    Shannon Dowling Matthews
    11/04/2021 - Facebook

    Did all of my lessons and pretests, and passed my test first time with Angela in Ladybird. She is so lovely and such a brilliant instructor, couldn't have asked for more help and guidance while learning how to drive! Would definitely recommend ladybird for learner drivers! Angela, I will miss... read more

    Haroon Chaudhry Avatar
    Haroon Chaudhry
    11/01/2021 - Facebook

    My wife had a few Pre Test Lessons by Clodagh at Ladybird DS. Passed the test. I definitely recommend them. Thanks to Clodagh for being a wonderful, kind and very professional instructor.

    Claire Vickers Reilly Avatar
    Claire Vickers Reilly
    10/27/2021 - Facebook

    Excellent service passed first time would highly recommend this driving school.

    Jamie McCarthy Avatar
    Jamie McCarthy
    10/18/2021 - Facebook

    Incredibly happy to have passed my test today! I did lessons with Kamila from essentially beginner level all the way through to the test preparation and after the excellent guidance, passed my test on my first attempt. Kamila is extremely patient and technically excellent, both for teaching the basic skills... read more

    Andi Pastor Avatar
    Andi Pastor
    10/18/2021 - Facebook

    Maria is the loveliest instructor a new driver could ask for! I passed my test without stressing as thanks to Maria I felt confident in myself. She’s very flexible lessons wise and ensures that you don’t go into your test unsure about anything. I couldn’t recommend Ladybird Driving School and... read more

    Katie Marie Avatar
    Katie Marie
    10/14/2021 - Facebook

    Started my lessons with Maria a few months ago being an extremely nervous driver and afraid of going on the road. I have passed my test first go and I am totally confident in driving. I can’t recommend Maria enough, her patience, encouragement and dedication is second to none. She... read more

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    Fancy becoming an qualified driving instructor with one of the leading driving schools in Ireland? Here at Ladybird we are offering the chance to join our ever growing team of driving instructors.

    Not only are we one of the number one driving schools in the country we have the reputation of delivering above the industry standards driving instructor training and delivering complete end-to-end support for you in your quest to become a qualified driving instructor.

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