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Join our team of highly successful driving instructors here at Ladybird Driving School and change your life forever. We have been training Driving Instructors all over Ireland since the business was regulated in 2008.

Since then we have established ourselves as the number 1, one to one driving instructor training provider in Dublin with guaranteed job placement for suitable driving instructors.

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With over 25 years experience in the driver training industry Ladybird Driving School is ideally placed to guide you into realising your true potential and enjoy the benefits of becoming a registered and approved Road Safety Authority driving instructor.

In a few short months you career and your life could have a much brighter outlook. So what are you waiting for! Get in touch today.

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  4. Set your own hours
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Driving Instructor Training Dublin

Our Exceptional Driving Instructor Training Syllabus Ladybird driving instructors are simply the best trained driving instructors in the country.

Find out about our Driving Instructor Training here and kick start your driving instructor career.

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Angela’s Story on Becoming a Instructor

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Explore more about Our Post-Qualification Syllabus

At Ladybird Driving School, we are the industry leaders in post qualification training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD). We are in the only driving school in the country that invests
heavily in CPD and the on-going training and development of our Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs).

This investment guarantees our customers the highest trained instructors are available to every customer, every time, no matter what driving school they use like National Driving School and Get In Gear Driving School.

What does our Post-Qualification Training Syllabus include?

  • Scheduled training dates every quarter
  • 24/7 access to a knowledge base from two industry leading professionals with over 50 years combined experience
  • Training delivered by probably the two highest qualified driving instructor trainers in the country and the only Qualified Driving Coach in Ireland
  • On-going Team Information Sharing facility
  • Innovative training techniques
  • Latest Coaching techniques
  • Client-Centred Learning techniques

What are the benefits of our Post-Qualification Training Syllabus?

Our commitment to the on-going training and development of our team of elite instructors means that our customers will be guaranteed to train with a Ladybird instructor who is:

  • An excellent communicator
  • Has exquisite listening skills
  • Pays exceptional attention to detail
  • Is empathetic
  • Is flexible with learning techniques
  • Understands the specific needs of the customer
  • Understands that “one size does not fit all” in driver training
  • Has unparalleled industry knowledge
  • Is personable and professional
  • Can facilitate learning in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere
  • Can deliver a great lesson experience every time
  • Has one of the highest pass rates in the country
  • Detailed driving test route knowledge

What topics are included in our Post-Qualification Training Syllabus?

  • Coaching in Driver Training
  • Client-Centred Learning
  • Effective Communication
  • Active Listening
  • Feedback for Development
  • Learning Preferences
  • Coaching Models
  • Coaching Conversations
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Use of Language in training
  • Rapport Building
  • Addressing Higher Order Cognitive Skills
  • The Goals for Driver Education Matrix
  • Self-Evaluation Techniques
  • Check Test Training
  • Specialist Pretest Training Delivery
  • Mock Test Delivery Training

What is effective communication?

Effective Communication is all about a balanced, equal relationship between both parties: the driving instructor and the student, where communication is authentic, neutral and non-judgemental.

At Ladybird Driving School, our aim is to encourage learners to take responsibility for the driving task

so that when they pass their driving test and are independent, they know how to self-evaluate and avoid risky situations.

Our Ladybird Driving Instructors learn how to develop self-evaluation skills in learner drivers by tapping into underpinning beliefs and values.

What is Feedback for Development?

Driving is a task that involves a high level of reflection and self-evaluation if it’s to be carried out safely. At Ladybird, our instructors are trained in the process of effective feedback which facilitates the development of the student driver so that they can evaluate and reflect upon their driving after they pass their driving test and are unsupervised.

This encourages self-awareness and self-responsibility, two cornerstone life skills.

Research shows that the process of reflection reduces crash involvement in that if a newly qualified driver is involved in a “near miss” incident and has been coached to develop self-evaluation skills, they will be able to reflect on this incident and determine how to prevent a similar one occurring in the future.

What is a Coaching Conversation?

At Ladybird Driving School we train our instructors in how to structure a coaching conversation during a driving lesson to help achieve raised awareness and self-responsibility on the part of the
student driver.

The aim of the coaching conversation is to ensure the ownership for the learning remains with the learner and that learner stays at the centre of the process.

What is the GDE?

The Goals for Driver Education (GDE) is a framework that sets out the competencies that should be achieved for newly qualified drivers to remain safe and crash-free on the roads.

Traditional driving instruction focuses on the core competencies of fault correction and levels of instruction to prepare student drivers for the driving test.

At Ladybird Driving School, our instructors are trained to consider how the personal beliefs and values of a learner driver or newly qualified driver might impact on the way they handle the vehicle.

What is Check Test Training?

All RSA Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) are required to undertake a Check Test every two years.

All the team at Ladybird Driving School wholeheartedly supports the Check Test scheme as it ensures that all instructors maintain a minimum standard of training delivery.

All our instructors receive Specialist Check Test Training to ensure that not only do they achieve success but also that our ongoing exceptionally high standard of training is maintained for all
customers of Ladybird Driving School.

What is Specialist Pretest Training?

All our instructors are trained by Kevin Horgan to deliver the “Ultimate Pretest Preparation Course” There is not a course like this delivered anywhere else in Ireland.

Why are our EDT and Pretest pupils are passing their driving test 1st time?

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