How to do The Hill Start for The Irish Driving Test


How to do The Hill Start for The Irish Driving Test – Moving away on the hill can be challenging to any driver regardless of their experience.

Keeping you’re vehicle from rolling back and moving off under control on an incline is a manoeuvre that chief driving instructor Nadine George from us here at Ladybird Driving School has simplified in this video.

This is one technique that will help you preform the hill start with confidence.

The hill start will require good foot co-ordination, in combination with timely observation and release of the handbrake.

You should practice the hill start on varying incline angles to give you a true understanding of how gravity acts on you’re vehicle.

As usually we’ll demonstrate the Preparation, Observation and Manoeuvre (POM) routine to successfully carry this one out.

STEP 1: The Setup

On entering a new road you’re aim is to pull in safely, smoothly and under full control.

To do this you should immediately check you’re mirrors to asses the following traffic and signal you’re intention in good time. Then try to stop approximately 18 inches from the kerb.

Avoid dipping or mounting the kerb because doing so will impact negatively on you’re driving test result as well as causing damage to you’re vehicle.

You should stop in a safe legal and convient position by not blocking any entrances or parking parallel to any obstructions.

Once you’ve come to a full stop, apply the handbrake, select neutral gear and cancel you’re signal.

STEP 2: Prepare for Moving Off

Preparing to move off you should select first gear and check all mirrors, starting from left, rear to right, then signalling you’re intention to move away checking you’re right shoulder blindspot area.

If there are no approaching road users from behind at this point you should try applying some acceleration power to hear the engine hum not roar.

Start rising the clutch to the bitting point.

If a vehicle approaches after you’ve signalled you’re intention just cancel you’re signal until it is safe to move off.

You may feel the back of you’re vehicle starting to dip, but you’re prevented from moving by the handbrake.

This is the time when you should co-ordinate the blindspot right shoulder check, handbrake release without fear of rolling back.

As you start moving away give some extra acceleration power for selecting second gear. This prevents the vehicle from feeling sluggish and stalling on the hill.

Thanks for taking the time to watch this video. If you’ve any further questions for us please feel free to contact us we would be delighted to hear from you.

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