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Driving Lessons Galway

Driving Lessons Galway

Book your Driving lessons Galway with one of Galway favourite driving schools! Pass Your Driving Test First Time with our Elite Female Instructors in Galway. If you need to take driving lessons in Galway, then you should think only about the Ladybird Driving School.

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It has been established that the most reliable route to learning how to drive is by taking driving lessons.

It is not surprising that the best drivers are those who have gone under the supervision of an adequately coordinated driving school management.

A model school should be one that is equipped with all the necessary equipment such as well serviced vehicles and safety equipment and the likes.

Also, well-coordinated staff who are competent enough to make a driving school effective, fun and enjoyable for learners.

While there are several driving schools in Ireland who claim to offer quality driving lesson services, ladybird driving school in Galway is with a difference.

In fact, they have made sure to keep up with this standard and be at the forefront of driving school services in Galway. Surely, you are in for a nice treat of driving school service when you opt for a ladybird driving school for your driving lessons.

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EDT Driving Lessons Galway

Ireland boasts one of the best driving school systems in the world. While a lot of things have been put in place to make this possible, one major move that has contributed in no small way to this fact is the introduction of EDT driving lessons.

Known fully as the Essential Driving Test lessons, ‘EDT lessons’ is a carefully designed 12-part driving lesson guide that has been designed to help complete novices in the driving world to know what it takes to drive safely with confidence.

The most effective move to make as far as the EDT lesson is concerned is to take them under the supervision of experienced driving instructors in an enabling environment.

This is just what you get when you take EDT lessons at ladybird driving school in Galway, Ireland. 

If you will be taking EDT driving lessons in Galway and you are in need of essential driver training lessons, then you should think of no other driving school than ladybird driving school

Pre-test Driving Lessons Galway

Owning a driver’s license is important in Ireland if you want to drive legally. There are quite a number of steps and preparations that must take place before taking a driving test.

However, you should never skip pre-test lessons.

This is an avenue for learners to brush up driving skills just before the real test.

Driving schools that have adopted pre-tests into their driving lesson curriculum have seen a huge boost in their test pass rate.

Moreover, the Ladybird Driving School Galway takes pre-test lessons very seriously.

You can be confident your chances of passing your driving test will get a great boost when you train with us as we offer pre-test lessons that make a big difference in the long run when learners eventually take their driving test.

Car Hire for Driving Test Galway

While there are many reasons why people hire vehicles in Galway, statistics show that driving tests is one major reason why people hire vehicles. This is not surprising.

People taking driving lessons must have put in lots of effort to practice and will definitely not want to see the invested time and efforts go to waste just because they made use of a faulty car while taking a driving test.

Definitely, learners who want to take a driving test will want to make use of a vehicle from a car hire service who are known to let out cars that are in a good condition for usage.

Car hire options are open to learners here at ladybird driving school in Galway.

Here, we get you a step closer to passing your driving test and getting licensed by leasing out vehicles that fit for a driving test to you.

Automatic Driving Lessons Galway

Have you noticed the widespread preference for vehicles running on an automatic gear over the years? No doubt, automatic driving can be quite a thrilling experience.

People who have operated vehicles running on manual gear before trying the said option will appreciate this fact the most. Definitely, they already know what it feels like to constantly change gears in the course of driving.

It hands learners the chance to experience less stress and learn at a fast pace.

We don’t want to have our learners go through such unnecessary stress.  Hence, one reason why we always encourage them to take automatic driving lessons.

We also make sure to provide experienced driving instructors who will make the lessons enjoyable and effective.

You can always take automatic driving lessons at ladybird driving school in Galway.

Definitely, you are in for a good time as some of the best hands in Ireland are waiting for you to come and get trained.

Mock Test Driving Lessons Galway

While we are not downplaying the importance and the positive contribution the essential driver training lessons bring to the table of learners, it has been noticed that more is needed at times.

There have been cases of learners who take EDT lessons and they end up having a driving test fail.

Sadly, it was noticed that they thought they were well prepared but the driving test showed that they just haven’t done enough preparation.

To forestall this unfortunate incident from coming up again, mock tests have been introduced to the driving school services at ladybird driving school in Galway, Ireland.

Mock tests serve as a wonderful avenue to help learners see how far they have gone in terms of improvement. Also, learners get to see if they are ready for the real test or not, and if not, they buckle up before the real test comes up.

This has contributed in no small way to the high test pass rate at ladybird driving school in Galway.

Why Choose Ladybird Driving School Galway?

People looking out for a driving school to train for their driving test make a choice of which driving school to train based on a whole lot of factors. 

What exactly are the qualities you want to see in an exemplary driving school? Do you lookout for an experienced and patient instructor, Good training facilities, or an enabling environment for learning?

Whatever it is that you want from a driving school, Ladybird driving school in Galway, Ireland is prepared and willing to meet them.

All you need do is giving us a trial and you will be glad you did.

Highest Driving Test Pass Rate in Galway

Most likely, you must have heard of how effective our driving tests are but you are just not yet convinced with the claims. If so, it is time you pay attention tour driving test pass rate at ladybird driving school in Galway.

One effective way to assess the performance of driving schools is by paying attention to their driving test pass rate.

This gives a picture of the performance of learners who trained for their driving test while they make use of our facilities and were supervised by our driving instructors.

Our test pass rates are quite impressive. Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to see that our learners perform excellently well with their driving test.

It is even more thrilling to see that the records keep getting better and better.

Paying attention to our driving test pass rate will give you more confidence that you are making the right choice when you choose Ladybird driving school for your driving school services.

Specially Devised Pre Tests That Work

On a general note, it has been noted that a one-solution-fits-all approach is not an effective solution to challenges.

This observation has been discovered to be true by driving instructors via their experience in the line of duty they have discovered that People coming for driving lessons have unique personalities hence, their challenges are quite unique.

This implies that they need to be creative and think out of the box while they help learners train for their driving test.

At ladybird driving school in Galway, we realise that if we want to achieve a totally positive pass rate, we have to treat learners as individuals and not try to help them with their challenges using a collective approach and not a generalized one.

To this end, our driving instructors have been trained to tailor pre-test lessons to the needs of each learner so every challenge can be resolved before the driving test comes up.

All Our Instructors Are RSA Approved

The road safety authority (RSA) has been very diligent in regulating driving activities in Ireland. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that Ireland has one of the safest roads in the world.

One move that has made this possible is the introduction of the approval system for driving instructors such that a driving instructor has to be approved by the RSA before he can practice.

At ladybird driving school in Galway, we employ the services of driving instructors who have earned the approval of the RSA.

Surely, you are in safe hands if you decide to train with us for your driving lessons.

Best Driving Lesson Prices in Galway

Taking a look at our incredible services, it is expected that we will charge an arm and a leg. However, this is not completely true.

Although we can’t boast of being the cheapest driving school in Galway, you can be sure that our services are reasonably priced and affordable. Therefore, feel free to make use of them.

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Driving Lessons Galway FAQ

Choosing a proven Driving School in Galway

Remember when picking a driving school in Galway that you check out there proven passes and success rate. Check reviews, social media and ask your friends. You going to invest a lot of money kick starting your driving. Make sure you chose wisely.

How much do Driving Lessons Galway cost?

Driving lessons in Galway generally cost between €35 and €50 per hour. All depending on the driving school you pick. Most driving schools like us at Ladybird offer fantastic bulk deals. When purchasing your driving lessons in packages you will save a lot.

Do I need to be from Galway to do my test there?

Not at all but it does help if your from Galway and are familiar with directions, roads, surrounding housing estates and junctions. If your not we recommend taking plenty of pretest lessons in the area on known test routes.

How many Driving Lessons do you need to pass in Galway?

We get this question quite a lot. Because people are actually thinking of the amount of money they are going to need to actually get driving and successfully pass there driving test in Galway and that's ok. We always have the same answer tho. It depends.

Each and every pupil is completely different to the next. Our passing average is 30 hours including your 12 EDT Driving Lessons. We focus on getting your passed as fast as possible but also safety is our number one concern.

How can I pass my test in Galway first time?

We can help you with that. Contact us at Ladybird and our dedicated Galway driving instructor will make sure you pass your driving test first time. From EDT to Pass the fastest and safest way possible!

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