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Driving Lessons Cork

Driving Lessons Cork

Book your Driving lessons Cork with one of Corks favourite driving schools! Pass Your Driving Test First Time with our Elite Female Instructors in Cork. If you need to take driving lessons in Cork, then you should think only about the Ladybird Driving School.

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For a fact, driving can be all the things earlier mentioned. But then, it attracts deeper importance when carefully examined.

In fact, it is an essential skill every modern-day adult should have. The urgency to get as many adults as possible to become licensed in Cork, Ireland is the drive behind the establishment of ladybird driving school, cork.

If you are in need of driving school services in cork, Ireland, then it is best that you go for Ladybird driving school, cork.

Being a top-ranking driving school in Ireland, you can expect to experience driving lessons in the most effective form ever.

Ladybird driving school, Cork makes sure to train individuals by offering them essential driver training EDT lessons, pre-test lessons, and other driving-related services that make for a successful driving test.

To crown it all, the management is always keen to deliver quality service to its learners, thereby making sure that they get value for their time and money.

Driving lessons services we offer in Cork

In the quest to get the best out of driving lessons, one key decision that can make or mar the whole process for every intending learner is the choice of where to train for their driving lessons.

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The quality of service of every driving school is subject to the values of the management. This will influence the criteria for the recruitment of staff and the style of management.

To make this work perfectly well for us at ladybird driving school, cork, we have taken several measures.

Some of these include getting the right environment for driving lessons and adequately qualified driving instructors who are truly interested in seeing learners grow from novice to driving experts.

Why not start your driving lessons with us today? When you choose to learn with us, you chose to learn with the best and you will surely get the desired value for your time and money.

EDT Driving Lessons Cork

Planning is essential to the success of driving lessons, the road safety authority in Ireland RSA has recognized this fact. Hence, they have devised a means to help learners learn effectively by helping them plan their learning process via EDT driving lessons.

Also known as essential driving test lessons, EDT lessons is a 12-part guide that helps driving instructors in coordinating the learning process of learners.

Each part is designed to address a specific aspect of driving. It is carefully compiled such that if followed carefully and thoroughly, it will contribute massively to the success of learners as they grow from novice to driving expertise. Learners who are keen to pass their driving tests don’t joke with EDT driving lessons.

Essential driver training (EDT) lessons are most effective when it is being coordinated by driving instructors who are experienced enough to understand how to help each learner make use of it to the maximum extent.

Ladybird driving school in Cork has made solid arrangements for experienced driving instructors to take learners on a journey to driving expertise via EDT lessons. You can be a part of this arrangement by choosing to take driving lessons with us today.

Pretest Driving Lessons Cork

For a fact, EDT lessons contribute greatly to the success of driving but at times, it is just not enough to get the desired result.

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These days, it is not strange to see learners who take essential driver training lessons and then proceed to take their driving test but come out unsuccessful.

An examination of this situation shows that in most cases, the learner was not actually prepared enough for the test.

This realisation has brought to the fore the need for a means to check the level of readiness of learners who have gone through EDT lessons. In a bid to ensure adequate preparation for driving tests, pretest lessons are coupled with EDT lessons to sharpen the knowledge of learners.

It is a perfect opportunity for learners to find out their strengths, weaknesses, prospective test routes and points of inspection even before your driving test. This is definitely a big plus to your chances of passing a driving test.

Here at Ladybird driving school, we are keen to see our learners pass driving tests without having any issue. That is why we take pretest lessons seriously.

Once you are able to scale through pretest lessons successfully, your chances of passing your driving test are very high. Knowing this serves as a source of confidence for our learners as they look forward to taking their driving test.

Car Hire for Driving Test Cork

The condition of vehicles used for driving tests has a direct bearing on the result of the test. If you have a faulty vehicle or you don’t even have one at all, hiring a car for your driving test or your driving lesson is an unavoidable step to passing your driving test.

A good number of times, irregularities have come up when learners train and take driving tests using their personal vehicles for driving lessons and tests, leading to test fail cases.

We don’t want our learners to have such problems while they take their driving test.

Therefore, the management at ladybird driving school has made sure to provide vehicles in a good condition for driving tests.

When you train with us, you don’t have to worry about training with a faulty car. Instead, you only have to focus on your driving lessons and then take your driving test comfortably as we have enough vehicles for your learning comfort.

Automatic Driving Lessons Cork

Have you noticed the rush for vehicles running on an automatic gear over the years? This trend is not surprising when we consider the fact that it makes driving easier when compared to vehicles in the manual gear category.

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Due to the widespread preference for automatic vehicles, there is a massive request for automatic driving lessons.

If you want to avoid unnecessary stress while you take your driving lessons, your best bet is the automatic driving lessons.

That way, you won’t have to deal with a jerky vehicle or changing of gears at frequent intervals.

Automatic driving lessons are available at Ladybird driving school in Cork.

Why Choose Ladybird Driving School Cork?

Generally, there is a variation in the expectation of learners with respect to a model driving school. What exactly do you desire in a driving school? 

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Most people want experienced and patient instructors, Good training facilities, an enabling environment for learning makes a standard driving school and a host of other qualities.

Ladybird driving school in Cork offers all this to learners in one package. This has put them at a position of relevance over the years and the management is doing everything possible to maintain that concept of excellence.

Highest Driving Test Pass Rate in Cork

Most likely, you have heard of the quality of our services on different occasions. If you are still in doubt of this claim, then you need to pay attention to our driving test pass rate.

A reliable method of checking if a driving school is living up to expectation is by taking a look at the driving test pass rate of its leaners.

When you do this, you will realise that we have one of the highest driving test pass rates in Cork, making us a force to reckon with in terms of driving school services.

You definitely do not want to miss an opportunity to experience our driving school services.

All Our Instructors Are RSA Approved

The road safety authority RSA, which is the body regulating driving activities in Ireland already specified that all driving instructors must get approval from them before they are allowed to practice. While some driving schools may not take this instruction seriously, we beg to differ.

We are committed to giving our learners quality driving lessons. That is why we do not even consider driving instructors who are not approved by the RSA while recruiting.

Best Prices in Cork

It is no news that we offer the best driving school services in Cork. Possibly, you are worried our price will be on the high side. If you feel that way, then you need to understand a few things.

While we may not be the driving school with the cheapest services in Ireland, we can assure you that our pricing is quite reasonable. when you take a look at the quality of service we offer our learners, you would realize In fact, that it is a case of paying less and getting more.

You definitely do not want to miss out on such a deal.


Definitely, we can always get our learners to their driving test venue. We are committed to making the learning process easy for our learners and we recognize that it is important that they feel comfortable while they take driving lessons.

This is why we have provided an arrangement for the collection of learners from their homes.

We noticed that some learners do have issues getting to the driving lesson venue due to circumstances that are beyond them, therefore, they are not comfortable in the course of the lessons this situation will likely have a negative effect on their learning pace and may ultimately earn them a driving lesson test fail.

Provided you reside anywhere in Cork and its environs to your driving lesson venue, we can always pick you up. That way, you will be able to learn comfortably and come out successful when you finally take your driving test.


Driving lessons can be presented to your loved ones as a gift. Sadly, most people do not know this. Think of a friend, neighbor, relative, or workmate who actually needs driving lesson services. We are here to help them. All you need do is be the link between us and them by getting them a driving lesson gift voucher.

By getting them a driving lesson gift voucher, you are practically paying for the driving school services they would be enjoying. You can be sure they will be forever grateful to you for helping them acquire a skill that is so important to survival in our time and age of existence.

Give us a call today and like our Facebook page for all offers and video updates. You will be glad you did 🐞

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Driving Lessons Cork FAQ

Choosing a proven Driving School in Cork

Remember when picking a driving school in Cork that you check out there proven passes and success rate. Check reviews, social media and ask your friends. You going to invest a lot of money kick starting your driving. Make sure you chose wisely.

How much do Driving Lessons Cork cost?

Driving lessons in Cork generally cost between €35 and €50 per hour. All depending on the driving school you pick. Most driving schools like us at Ladybird offer fantastic bulk deals. When purchasing your driving lessons in packages you will save a lot.

Do I need to be from Cork to do my test there?

Not at all but it does help if your from Cork and are familiar with directions, roads, surrounding housing estates and junctions. If your not we recommend taking plenty of pretest lessons in the area on known test routes.

How many Driving Lessons do you need to pass in Cork?

We get this question quite a lot. Because people are actually thinking of the amount of money they are going to need to actually get driving and successfully pass there driving test in Cork and that's ok. We always have the same answer tho. It depends.

Each and every pupil is completely different to the next. Our passing average is 30 hours including your 12 EDT Driving Lessons. We focus on getting your passed as fast as possible but also safety is our number one concern.

How can I pass my test in Cork first time?

We can help you with that. Contact us at Ladybird and our dedicated Cork driving instructor will make sure you pass your driving test first time. From EDT to Pass the fastest and safest way possible!

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