Driving Lessons Tallaght

Driving Lessons Tallaght

Book Your Driving Lessons Tallaght with Ladybird Driving School. Pass Your Driving Test First Time with our Elite Female Instructors in Tallaght.

Some of our pupils in Scoil Naisunta Iosa, or St Mark’s National School, Oldbawn Community School or even Tallaght Community School all agree that driving Lessons with Ladybird Driving School is a pleasant and very practical experience due to our pick up drop off facility.

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Therefore, Whether you are from Belgard, Tymon, The Square, Bancroft, Glenview, Springfield, Kingswood, Oldbawn or Jobstown then Choosing a driving school in Tallaght involves getting the one with an exceptional track record and the highest possible pass rate.

Pass Your Driving Test in Tallaght

This is your best bet at passing your driving test on first attempt. Ladybird Driving School Tallaght has a team of professionally-trained Female Driving Instructors who have recorded a high success rate of 98% with our students.

Take a look at the happy smiling faces of some of our students who were able to pass their driving test only once with the help of our female instructors.

We are proud to say that our expectation of our students’ success rate at their driving test has been greatly surpassed.

Our students keep referring new students to us, which is the reason we keep recording a huge and successful referral system resulting in an ever-increasing customer base.

We understand that the best way to make learning easy is to make it fun and interesting. For this reason, we make sure our students have the best time of their lives during their driving lessons while still being very strict in applying safety measures.

You can be sure of our high standard and quality driving lessons that is next to none in the whole of Tallaght.

We are the driving school other driving schools learn from, which has earned us the title of the best driving school in Tallaght.

Why Are We So Different?

Experts in Pretest Driving Lessons Tallaght

Having been in this business for such a long time, we understand the importance of pretest driving lessons and the role it plays in achieving success with our students.

We prepare you through our pretest driving lessons to meet and exceed the tester’s expectations.

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The Best in EDT Driving Lessons Tallaght

We are professionals in applying the Essential Driver Training Syllabus (EDT) in teaching our students. We play down on your weak points and harness your strong points

We understand the uniqueness of every individual which is why at Ladybird Driving School Tallaght, our female instructors work to discover our students’ strengths and weaknesses through our special pretest driving assessment.

This knowledge enables us to design a pattern of driving lessons that will work on your weak points while enhancing your strong points. With our unrivalled patient at training you, you get the best value for your money and the best chance at passing your driving test the first time.

Automatic and Manual Driving lessons in Tallaght

Should you prefer to take driving lessons for automatic or manual cars, we have lessons tailored to meet your preference. With us, you are sure of being fully covered in automatic or manual driving or both.

Flexible Driving Lessons in Tallaght

Wherever you may be; at home, college, or workplace, Ladybird Driving School will come to you. We have removed all distance barriers to your driving lessons and car hire for all Dublin test centres.

Just tell us where you will like to learn from and we will make sure you get the very best driving lessons we have to offer.

COVID-19 Etiquette on Driving lessons and Driving Tests

By now we all know the general advice from the HSE which is to Wash your hands frequently, practice good respiratory hygiene when coughing and sneezing.

Maintain the social distancing and avoid touching your mouth, eyes, nose and mouth.

By now, you would have also followed our procedures in relation to our own COVID19 driving lesson procedures and etiquette which are on our website and also you would have received text notification by way of link as to our procedures before, during and after the driving lesson.

With that in mind and in relation to the Driving Test itself you would have also received notification from the RSA in relation to the procedures on entering the building and whilst out on the driving test also.

It is of the upmost importance that these procedures are adhered to strictly as non compliance could result in the Driving Test being cancelled and Driving lessons not going ahead also.

You can find out more on COVID-19 at hse.ie

Passionate to See You Pass Your Test

We delight in the success stories of majority of our students who have gotten value for the trust they reposed in us.

This is the reason we have continuously maintained the positive reputation we have painstakingly built in these past 25 years of existence.

For this reason, we go all out to ensure that our students have the best chance of passing their driving test the first time. We believe that if our students keep excelling, we will continue to be the first choice for driving schools in Tallaght.

We achieve and maintain this purpose through the following steps:

  • We make available the basic tools you need to succeed.
  • Our well-detailed videos will help you acclimatise with complicated junctions and test routes for adequate preparation.
  • We drill you like the tester to help you understand what the tester expects from you during your driving test.
  • You get to play the role of the tester to have a different perspective and be fully prepared for what is to come.
  • We make sure we leave no stone unturned in getting you ready for whatever angle your tester might choose to take during your driving test.

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Why not give us a call today and find out why Ladybird Driving School is the first choice for people looking for the best driving school in Tallaght. We guarantee you of nothing short of maximum customer satisfaction and high rate of passing your driving test first time.

Give us a call today on 01-4851585 and like our Facebook page for all offers and video updates. You will be glad you did 🐞

Driving Lessons Tallaght FAQ

Choosing a proven Driving School in Tallaght

Remember when picking a driving school in Tallaght that you check out there proven passes and success rate. Check reviews, social media and ask your friends. You going to invest a lot of money kick starting your driving. Make sure you chose wisely.

How much do Driving Lessons Tallaght cost?

Driving lessons in Tallaght generally cost between €35 and €50 per hour. All depending on the driving school you pick. Most driving schools like us at Ladybird offer fantastic bulk deals. When purchasing your driving lessons in packages you will save a lot.

Do I need to be from Tallaght to do my test there?

Not at all but it does help if your from Tallaght and are familiar with directions, roads, surrounding housing estates and junctions. If your not we recommend taking plenty of pretest lessons in the area on known test routes.

How many Driving Lessons do you need to pass in Tallaght?

We get this question quite a lot. Because people are actually thinking of the amount of money they are going to need to actually get driving and successfully pass there driving test in Tallaght and that's ok. We always have the same answer tho. It depends.

Each and every pupil is completely different to the next. Our passing average is 30 hours including your 12 EDT Driving Lessons. We focus on getting your passed as fast as possible but also safety is our number one concern.

How can I pass my test in Tallaght first time?

We can help you with that. Contact us at Ladybird and our dedicated Tallaght driving instructor will make sure you pass your driving test first time. From EDT to Pass the fastest and safest way possible!

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What To Do Now?

If you have a questions regarding your driving lessons, choice of instructor in your area or need help in choosing the right driving school make sure to contact our dedicated driving education support team.
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Highly recommend Ladybird Driving School. Great service & so great to learn from, no matter what stage your at. Very patient & explained each stage of the EDT to a tee!
By: Jen in Dublin

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