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EDT 12 Driving Lessons Dublin


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Apologies, due to such a high demand we have a 6 week waiting list to start EDT lessons!

EDT 12 Driving Lessons Dublin

What are the 12 EDT Driving Lessons Dublin? Essential Driver Training is a syllabus of 12 one hour preset training lessons designed to teach a learner driver the core competencies required to drive properly and with safety always in mind.

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Join the hundreds of pupils who have already completed their 12 EDT Driving Lessons with Ladybird Driving School in Dublin. We guarantee outstanding value for money and a level of EDT driving lessons that is unparalleled in Ireland.

Why do I need 12 driving lessons Dublin?

The Road Safety Authority has made it mandatory that every new entrant who wants to learn to drive has to sit the mandatory 12 EDT Driving Lessons before they will issue you with a driving test date.

Who needs to complete the 12 EDT lessons?

Any driver who has been issued a learner permit on or after 04/04/2011 is required now by law to sit the mandatory 12 EDT Driving lessons.

As you complete each module your registered Ladybird approved driving instructor will record the progress in your RSA EDT driving lesson logbook.

What do I learn on the 12 EDT driving lessons

Here’s the breakdown of the 12 EDT Driving lesson syllabus

  • EDT Lesson 1: Car controls and safety checks
  • EDT Lesson 2: Correct positioning
  • EDT Lesson 3: Changing Direction
  • EDT Lesson 4: Progression Management
  • EDT Lesson 5: Correct positioning (more complex situations)
  • EDT Lesson 6: anticipation and reaction
  • EDT Lesson 7: Sharing the road
  • EDT Lesson 8: Driving safely through traffic
  • EDT Lesson 9: Changing Direction (More complex situations)
  • EDT Lesson 10: Speed management
  • EDT Lesson 11: Driving calmly
  • EDT Lesson 12: Night Driving

What is the RSA 12 EDT Driving Logbook?

EDT Driving Lessons RSA LogbookYou must bring your EDT logbook to each driving lesson. It’s an important document which you must keep safe.

Your ADI will sign off and stamp the Logbook after each designated lesson has been completed. In the certificate pages your instructor can only record their own records of their training.

The EDT logbook records a record of your training and comments and tips and advice are entered into the Logbook at the relevant place. You can view a sample of the EDT logbook here.

You will not be able to sit the Irish driving test until each of the 12 driving lessons Dublin are completed and uploaded onto the Road Safety Authority’s EDT portal confirming that you have sat the 12 lessons.

Ladybird Driving School are the #1 deliverer of the 12 EDT Driving Lessons in Dublin and we guarantee to upload the logbook efficiently and promptly.

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If you have a questions regarding your driving lessons, choice of instructor in your area or need help in choosing the right driving school make sure to contact our dedicated driving education support team.
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Highly recommend Ladybird Driving School. Great service & so great to learn from, no matter what stage your at. Very patient & explained each stage of the EDT to a tee!
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