Refresher Driving Lessons Dublin

Refresher Driving Lessons Dublin

Our Refresher Driving Lessons Dublin are designed to provide learner drivers with the knowledge and tips and tricks they need to sit and pass the real practical driving test. A Refresher Driving Lesson is essential for any student that is serious about Passing the Driving Test First time.

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Knowing the Driving Test Questions and signs is the first step followed by the drive itself.

Driving test preparation highly increases your chances of passing your Driving test and eases test day nerves by a lot like our previous pupils.

What do I gain by taking Refresher Driving Lessons?

Refresher Driving Lessons follow this structure

  • Driving Test marking sheet understanding
  • Initial assessment to establish the base level
  • Fault analysis and how to correct these faults
  • A demonstration drive as to how things should be done including all manoeuvres
  • Practical test preparation.
  • Test Routes explained and videos offered
  • Introduction to our “ Ultimate” Refresher Driving Test package which is the #1 selling
    Refresher package in Dublin

Introducing “ULTIMATE” and What It Is

What exactly is Ultimate? and why do most pupils take it and pass first time?

There is not a course like this delivered in this Country. Our Ladybird Female Instructors have devised the most comprehensive Refresher package on the market.

Why are our EDT and Refresher pupils are passing their driving test 1st time?

Ultimate Refresher Preparation that’s how!

Why Does “Ultimate” Help our EDT Pupils

New EDT drivers fail the driving test as a result of attempting to try and pass the driving test whilst still having the mentality and ability of a novice and inexperienced driver due to a lack of practice which has a knock on effect therefore on test day the level required to pass the driving test has not been reached.

On the EDT syllabus there are specific outcomes to be met on each lesson with structured practice in between. The friendly approach from the instructor and the ability to correct mistakes with ease is fine on the EDT syllabus.

The driving test environment however is a completely different experience altogether. The tester will not speak unless giving an instruction and you are on your own for roughly 30 minutes trying to deal with all situations as they arise with no one to help you but yourself.

How can you witness the test environment and all of the situations before the real test itself?…. ULTIMATE

“ULTIMATE “ teaches novice drivers who are newly out of EDT the ability to pass the driving test first time based on advanced teaching and driving techniques.

It enables to seriously reduce the risk of collision by anticipating dangerous situations despite the conditions or the mistakes of other poorer drivers.

Basically it puts an old head on young shoulders which shows the tester a level he will be happy with therefore passing the test with ease.

New drivers fail the driving test in areas such as

  • Not reacting correctly or promptly to hazards
  • Not taking proper observation emerging at junctions
  • Poor vehicle control and use of foot controls
  • Poor judgement in relation to clearance,and anticipation of other road users
  • Not positioning the vehicle correctly at junctions and roundabouts
  • Inability to control the car while observing on the reverse/turnabout maneuver.

ULTIMATE deals with all of the above and sets out a clear programme of how to achieve a balanced and controlled display of technique and skill consistently whilst on the test allowing the tester to feel comfortable and confident that you have what it takes to be a fully licensed driver in Dublin.

Several government agencies,non profit organisations and indeed some schools have launched similar courses to ULTIMATE as they realised it improves driving skills and driver awareness and there is no more comprehensive pre test post EDT course on the market today.

We have been receiving rave reviews as a result of the ULTIMATE course and is the primary reason as to why our EDT Pupils are passing their test first time,saving them time and money.

ULTIMATE focuses solely on passing the driving test and leaves you with no doubts whatsoever as to what you need to do and how you have to do it.

We work tirelessly and relentlessly until you get it.

How the tester speaks, how the tester thinks, how the tester wants you to reverse around the corner, how the tester wants you to do the turn about, how he sees things from his point of view, how to interpret the marking sheet the tester holds on his/her lap while on the test.

We will give you demonstrations in all of these areas so you can see clearly how it should be done, you can also avail of our online video sections relevant to your weakness, left turns, positioning.

Most importantly our techniques will show you how to have a level of advanced scanning and planning allowing you to always be able to predict what’s about to happen before it actually does, therefore always making the right decision on the test itself.

ULTIMATE Course Content & Duration

2 x 2 hour lessons and 1 hour pretest 1/2 weeks before the test

Training needs analysis based on your level of driving, 20 minute explanation detailing the 4 parts to the driving test, theory test questions, under the bonnet checks, secondary control checks inside the car, the drive itself, and a full explanation on the marking sheet sections and exactly what each section means to the tester.

This is crucial because its like knowing the question before the exam if you know what the marking sheet means then you can steer clear of getting marks.

A general awareness and understanding of how the tester sees things and expects you to do things.

10 minute visual demonstration based on now knowing the marking sheet guidelines as to how to drive for the tester explaining the right way and wrong way to do things and showing you same.

30 minute driving lesson to establish the level of the pupil, to assess the remedial work needed to fix the areas of driving that are poor and unacceptable for test standard and show you why there would be marks given in these areas if not fixed.

After the first hour therefore you now know the 4 different parts to the test and what each section means, you now know the marking sheet sections and what they mean to the tester, have been given a demonstration drive showing you how to do it, established what it is you’re doing wrong and how to fix the problem.

Quick break…

Your 2nd Refresher Hour

30 minutes of remedial work in the areas of weakness, junctions, positioning, reversing, reacting to the hazards correctly.

20 minutes hazard perception material and techniques on predicting and forward planning ahead and scanning techniques to help with anticipating what other road users may or may not do the " what if coaching method.

10 minute recap and plan for the 2nd 2 hour lesson and MOST IMPORTANTLY the training and practice you must do between the lesson.

Refresher Lesson 2 – 1 Week / 3 days Before the Test

10 minute independent drive to assess the pupils progress and development from previous lesson…questions answered by instructor.

20 minute remedial lesson practising and perfecting the biggest weaknesses showing on the lesson while continuously developing hazard appreciation, judging space, what if tactics… advanced scanning techniques

20 minute exact mock test environment including being marked the same way, how the tester speaks, the routes you are brought on, the questions you will be asked.

You will find this pressurising and intimidating just like the real test.

This is truly how you are likely to perform and shows us how you’re likely to perform under stress therefore we can examine this fix it and do it all over again until you're perfect.

Quick break…

10 Minute fault analysis explaining the marks of the Mock test and why you got marked. This allows you to reflect on where you feel you went wrong so you can learn from it and fix it.

15 minute practise in any area you want to work in together with our guidance and advice.

Another 20 minute mock test with marking sheet which will show the improvements from the previous mock test and prepares you further for this real test silence and gives you the
independent drive ability to now consistently drive for the full duration of the test.

10 minute analysis of the mock test and advise on areas to practice on.

5 minutes on theory questions, bonnett checks, secondary controls and chat about times and documentation for test day.

1 hour Refresher Lesson the Day of the Test

Evidence of learner permit and vehicle checks to ensure all is in order including insurance, tax, nct etc.

A relaxed drive on some routes more independent driving than anything else at this stage with brief comments and correctional conversation,quick reverse and turn about and back to the test centre to park up and go to waiting area.

Remember one thing at this point, you asked for the tester to sit with you, not the other way around.

You want the licence from him. You have to display that for 30 minutes you drive in a manner that ticks all the boxes so before you start shaking with test nerves, these testers are normal family people and mark in a fair and transparent way.

If you show confidence and skill consistently you too will have that pink licence.

Ladybird Driving School has been at the forefront of Driving Test success for students for a very long time. As you can see our reputation and excellence speaks for itself.

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