When can I apply for my driving test?


We get the same question over and over when can I apply for my driving test?. Whether you are an experienced driver or a complete beginner, obtaining your driving license is the first step towards being able to drive around independently and safely.

Here in this article, we’ll explore the process of when you can apply for your driving test in Ireland.

Applying for Your Driving Test in Ireland

In order to apply for a driving test, you must be at least 17 years old and hold a valid learner permit issued by the Road Safety Authority (RSA).

The Eye Test

To obtain a learner permit, you will need to pass an eyesight test and theory test, which can be taken at any RSA-approved centre.

The eyesight test involves reading out letters from a chart at 6 meters distance from each eye separately.

The Learner Permit

You can now quickly and easily apply for your learner permit online. No need to complete paper forms, make appointments or visit an NDLS centre in person.

You can do this here: https://www.ndls.ie/

Once you have your learner permit, you are legally allowed to drive with a fully qualified driver who has held their full license for two or more years.

EDT Driving Lessons

The Road Safety Authority has made it mandatory that every new entrant who wants to learn to drive has to sit the mandatory 12 EDT Driving Lessons before they will issue you with a driving test date.

Any driver who has been issued a learner permit on or after 04/04/2011 is required now by law to sit the mandatory 12 EDT Driving lessons.

As you complete each module your registered Ladybird approved driving instructor will record the progress in your RSA EDT driving lesson logbook.

Pretest Driving Lessons

When you feel confident enough that you’re ready after your pretest driving lessons to take the next step and apply for the driving test itself, it’s important that you make sure that the driving instructor accompanying you on this stage is approved by the RSA like all of our instructors at Ladybird are.

The RSA will then assess your skills in terms of control of road speed, use of signals and other relevant manoeuvres when it comes time for them take their assessment.

When booking your practical test appointment with the RSA – either online or via telephone – there are certain criteria that must be met before they will accept it as valid:

  • You must hold a valid learner permit with no restrictions (such as provisional insurance)
  • Have completed 12 EDT lessons successfully or provide evidence of competency from an ADI
  • Provide a Theory Test Certificate Number
  • Be over 17 years old
  • Present photographic ID at time of appointment

Your chosen ADI should supervise minimal of two hours of additional practice prior to taking the practical exam so that they can accurately assess how prepared and safe you are on the roads and ensure that all aspects required by the RSA are covered adequately.

Furthermore, ADIs may suggest ways in which students may improve their driving prior to undergoing their final driving test with the RSA examiner, such as:

This is so they can be assured they meet all standards prior to taking their practical driving test with confidence and ease.

During your driving test itself, there are several elements that must be passed successfully such as manoeuvres like:

  • U-turns or reverse parking
  • understanding traffic signs
  • correctly obeying traffic lights
  • being able to identify junctions correctly
  • correctly managing roundabouts
  • responding appropriately when dealing with hazards on public roads

Among other topics assessed by your examiner during the 45 minute duration allocated for this task.

After completion of these tasks outlined above successfully without serious faults being committed throughout each component of tests taken the RSA tester will inform you if you passed or not.

If successful in passing your full driving test, you will then receive your new licence card allowing you access to use public roads independently!

This driving licence should arrive within 10 days after passing online tests presented by The Road Safety Authority (RSA).

It’s important throughout this entire process – from applying for your initial learner permit right up until taking your final driving exam – to show patience and humility when learning new skills essential for safe travelling on Irish roads.

It’s also paramount that resources available from organisations like The Road Safety Authority (RSA) are utilised effectivity throughout each step taken towards achieving success in obtaining both learner permit and your full drivers licence.

Learning Resources

If your eager to kick start your lessons and become a safe driver you can keep on top of your study with the following resources we’ve provided:

By following instructions set out above, an individual should expect no issues when looking into officially becoming part of Irish motorist community upon successful completion!

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