Which is Your Preferred RSA Test Centre?


We have been asked the age old question time and time again when its time to sit and pass a pupils driving test. “Which is Your Preferred RSA Test Centre?” or “Which is the easiest RSA test centre to pass my driving test in”.

Simple answer is: none

Sorry to burst your bubble but each RSA test centre is pretty much the same what ever way you look at it. We’ve constantly got our high pass rates across all RSA test centres.

Believe us.. if we had a magic trick or secret test route we would share it with our pupils and make our jobs a hell of a lot easier.


We’ve put a small poll together to gather some information mostly from people who actually failed their driving test and changed RSA test centres thinking they failed because of the test centre or the tester.

Please choose your preferred way to vote:

WooFoo: Which is Your Preferred RSA Test Centre?
123Forms: Which is Your Preferred RSA Test Centre?

Will be interesting to see if changing RSA test centres after a failed test actually helped you pass. Let us know and thanks for voting!