Judy: What it means to be a Ladybird Driving Instructor


I’ve been a driving instructor for 8 years now and have been with 2 previous operators before joining Ladybird Driving School.

In the time I’m with Ladybird Driving School Dublin I’ve realised that in order to have a successful and thriving business you need to have a successful product and team.

Since adopting the Ladybird concept and business my turnover has doubled and my diary is full week after week.

The on going support and encouragement and mentorship was new to me and was a real eye opener and I’ve seen really correct business acumen, etiquette, morals and application and now realise it was all wrong in the previous places I worked.

The management and staff have no egos and all the Ladybird instructors are all treated equally and respectfully and the approach to their customers is incredible.

This is where you need to be if you want to prosper as an instructor and actually make a proper living.

What I was told in the beginning from Ladybird has proved to be accurate , precise and as a result of applying what I was told my business is at another level.

I just want to say thank you to Ladybird Driving School for firstly the opportunity to come on board and secondly for caring about the welfare and happiness for all who work as partners at the School.

I would urge and encourage other Female Instructors to not waste your time with average operators who only care about their own business not yours.5 stars from me and thanks again.🐞