3 Easy Steps to Rent a Car for Your Driving Test


Ok so you have picked your RSA test centre and got your driving test date in the post. What now? Ohh crap I need a CAR!! You think.. It’s ok I’ll use my brothers 1999 Fiat Punto, it will be fine.. BUT.. his Motor Tax is out of date! Ahhh I’ll ask my friend Jenny, her car will be fine. BUT… she has a broken stop light!!

OK OK… I need to find a car.. Google will help me.. Google: “Driving Test Car Hire Dublin”


I found plenty of ways to hire a car for my driving test! Now how do I choose the best option for me:

STEP 1: Make Sure The Car is Test Ready!

Turning up for your test unprepared by not taking driving lessons is just as bad as turning up in a car with no Motor Tax or NCT for your full driving test. Your Failing. Hard!

The RSA driving tester is very strict (as they should be) on cars that they actually preform the driving test in. If you show up for you test with any of the below you will get an instant fail.

8 Reasons Cars are Refused Out for Driving Test

  1. No NCT – Book Your NCT
  2. No Insurance
  3. No Tax – Book Your Motor Tax
  4. Engine warning light on dashboard – Talk to a Mechanic
  5. Brake light not working
  6. Indicator bulbs not working
  7. Worn or bald tyres
  8. Seat belt not fastening correctly

⚠️ For all of these reasons you shouldn’t be anywhere near a public road!

STEP 2: Choose Your Car & Instructor Wisely

When choosing a car to hire for your driving test always think what is the tester going to experience. How is the tester feel sitting in your car.

What you should expect when hiring a car:

  • Fully Insured Car
  • Fully Taxed Cars
  • A New and Modern Car
  • Maintained to the Highest Level
  • A Good First Impression
  • Spotlessly Clean Car Inside and Out
  • 1 or 2 Hour Pre Test at Your Driving Test Centre

STEP 3: Get the Best Possible Deal You Can Get

When shopping around for the best car hire your can possible find you will be surprised to think the cost would be last on our list. You know how the saying goes “You pay for what you get” and this applies to hiring a car.

There are 100s of driving schools in Dublin that offer all sorts of promises, special offers, deals and all sorts. What you need to look out for is a the pointers above and also what you pay for is usually what you can expect to get.