Mikaela: My Experience of Joining Ladybird Driving School


My name is Mikaela and I have been employed by two other companies before I joined ladybird driving school. My experience with the other two companies wasn’t very positive.

One of the companies wasn’t giving me proper hours to operate and I was kept on part time basis for months despite the fact I asked for more appointments and the other treated me unkindly and wanted me to work if possible 7 days of the week.

Both companies didn’t accommodated the fact that I am a working mum and I couldn’t choose when to operate as part of the life work balance.

But then I came across Ladybird management team and things change for me for the better.

I am happy being part of the company, I have been accepted and supported being a mum and an instructor and I’m looking forward to my future career development, knowing that I am properly taken care of and really supported as I should.

If you are considering becoming a driving instructor with Ladybird please get in touch and we can meet for a coffee to discuss how we can help!