Reduced EDT Driving Lessons


Reduced EDT Driving Lessons

What does EDT stand for in Reduced EDT  driving lessons.Essential Driver training. This is the minimum training syllabus as laid down by the RSA in Ireland. Every day we get enquiries about the Reduced EDT programme that the RSA introduced on the 21st January 2019.

The purpose of this article is to clear up any confusion as to what exactly Reduced EDT Driving  lessons are and who can apply.At the end of this article we will put the full list of 10 questions that we most commonly get asked.

What is Reduced EDT Driving Lessons ?

Reduced EDT lessons is a mandatory driver training programme for drivers from outside of Ireland and who currently hold a valid full car licence but from a country who doesn’t have a licence exchange agreement with Ireland.

The RSA developed this course from the learner driver training syllabus which covers all of the necessary skills and behaviours that a competent driver needs to display at all times.

The course consists of 6, 1 hour lessons which we will now explain.The 6 lessons in this programme are designed to,

  • Cover some of the important skills and behaviours that a foreign driver should have
  • Help you prepare for the practical driving test
  • Monitor and guide your progress
  • Show you what Ladybirds contribution to this process is

The Reduced EDT programme does not cover all of the ldt syllabus,in fact only half.It mainly focuses on the driving behaviours that research has shown contribute most to collisions and fatalities.

The course is designed to avoid high risk of harm to drivers by working to improve their knowledge and understanding and can help by correcting the drivers ,

● Habits,
● Skills,
● Attitude and anticipation

Our lessons are 1 hour long or 2 depending and we chose routes that give you the best opportunity to practice and progress .At the end of each lesson you will have achieved outcomes that are to be met per lesson.

How do I apply for the Reduced EDT Driving Lessons ?

Holders of a current full foreign driving licence from another country with which Ireland does not have a licence exchange agreement. Eg,(Brazil)

What are the conditions for applying for Reduced EDT Driving Lessons?

1. You must hold a full foreign driving licence
2. You must have had that licence for at least 2 years
3. Your licence must not have expired for more than 6 months on the date of receipt
4. You must be resident in Ireland
5. You must hold an Irish learner permit

Applying Criteria for Reduced EDT Driving Lessons

You must complete the application form titled Foreign Licence Holders Application Reduced Essential Driver Training available on the RSA website.

1. Enclose your original full foreign licence
2. Enclose your letter of entitlement.This is a document that you must get from the licensing authority who issued your foreign licence
3. Post all documents to Reduced EDT, National Driver Licence Service,PO Box858, Southside delivery office cork.

What is a letter of Entitlement for Reduced EDT ?

A letter of entitlement is a copy of a driver record with details of name,address,date of birth,driver number,expiry and class of licence which includes what that class or category of vehicle is.A letter of entitlement is required by the NDLS when

● The foreign Licence presented in the NDLS centre is expired
● The Foreign licence is lost or stolen
● One or more categories on the foreign licence does not have a start date.
● The letter of entitlement must be an original.Faxed or email copy is not acceptable. It can take some time for candidates to receive original documentation and that can take time.

What is a Learner Permit?

On successfully completing the application you will be issued with a valid Learner permit.A learner permit allows you to drive with some restrictions so as to get the practice you need to become safe and responsible and developed enough to be able to pass a driving practical test.

You are not required to wait 6 months to take a driving test.However you are required to take the Reduced EDT programme.This gives you time to practice and become familiar with driving rules and regulations on Irish roads.

You will then need to source a reputable driver training centre that can deliver the Reduced EDT in a manner that helps you pass the driving test first time.

If you are in any doubt who to choose then type in ‘ladybird driving school reviews’

How many Reduced EDT Lessons can you have a week ?

You can take 2 hour lessons if you prefer but we recommend we analyse your driving level on the initial lesson and we can advise you based on that level a system of training that will suit in relation to your availability and times you can avail of our lessons.

What do you do on the first Reduced EDT  lesson?

All of our Instructors have been Approved by the RSA to deliver your Reduced EDT programme. On the first reduced EDT lesson we will give you a personal logbook which you must keep safe.

The logbook sets out the lesson plan for each session of the reduced EDT course.Your instructor will record your progress,sign it,and upload it onto the RSA ADI portal as completed.

What are the 6 Reduced EDT lessons. 1,5,6,7,9,10

Lesson 1 Car control and safety checks
Lesson 5 Correct positioning 2 ( More complex situations)
Lesson 6 Anticipation and reaction
Lesson 7 Sharing the road
Lesson 9 Changing direction 2 (more complex situations)
Lesson10 Speed management

Each session has a set of expected outcomes .These outline what you should be able to do at the end of each lesson.We will select routes and locations which best suite the training type appropriate for your level on the day.

We will then advise on the appropriate training you need toconcentrate on based on your level.

Remember the Reduced EDT programme alone is not enough to make you a competent driver and you will need lots of practice with your sponsor who must hold a category b licence for at least 2 years.

What happens when I finish my 6 reduced EDT lessons?

You can immediately apply to the closest test centre to you and in the meantime try to get as much practice as you can on the different road types and traffic conditions.

Before the test date we can assist you further on polisher lessons and mock test test to gauge your technical level as per the driving test marking guidelines.

For information on our Pretest lessons check this link out and see why we are the best in the business.

Frequently ask questions.

Q. How much is a full driving test ?
A. €85

Q.What time is the best for driving tests?
A.You can't request a specific time but less busy times are useful between 10am-12pm

Q.How can I pass my driving test faster?
A.You can apply to enter onto the RSA cancellation list for a faster date.

Q.How many driving lessons should I take a week?
A.Depends on availability,funds,location but 2 – 4 hours of lessons per week is ideal .

Q.Should i be nervous for my first driving lesson?
A.Its natural to feel a little nervous prior to the lesson.Our Instructors will keep you in very quiet residential areas until you are at the level to progress to the next phase.

Q.How many driving lessons does it take to pass?
A.As many as is needed for you to reach the level of competency required.That could be 20 hours it could also be 40 hours

Q.Can I sit my test in my own car?

Q.Should I buy a car to learn to drive in?
A.Not Essential initially but progress will be much faster with access to a vehicle yes.

Q.How much is a full drivers licence?

Q.Can I do lessons in the car without my licence on me?
A.Technically No

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