What Do I Need When Going on My First Driving Lesson?


After waiting for long to fulfil your dream of becoming a safe driver in Dublin, you are likely to feel nervous before your instructor arriving to teach you for the first time.

This is almost the same for the vast majority of learners going to get their first driving lesson.

Getting some valuable tips on what to do in your first driving lesson may make you feel easy and calm your nerves.

You might get a bit of confidence to get started with the process of going behind the wheel.

Given below are the tips:

Get mentally prepared for it. Here you need to take care of a few simple things.

Have a look at the simple things mentioned below:

  • Have a good night sleep
  • Keep your brain cool
  • Don’t get excited
  • Do not eat spicy foods
  • Do NOT drink at the night before
  • Have a breakfast
  • Double check time, venue and date of starting

What you need to bring with you for your driving lesson:

  • Comfortable and non-slip shoes
  • Glasses or spectacles that you use
  • Cash or cheque to pay for the driving lesson

Read up on the Rules of The Road

If you have time at your disposal before starting the lesson, make a try to have a quick look at The Rules of The Road designed and written for both the drivers and pedestrians so that they become aware of the various traffic rules and regulations.

If you can read and assimilate these traffic rules well, you might be able to impress the instructor.

Reach well rested and well dressed

Take rest well and don’t consume alcohol to stay active and energetic.

Carry your provisional driving license

It might seem to you obvious, but check and make sure you have already applied for your provisional license for your first driving lesson.

Take time to reach the venue / decided destination on or before time.

Bring your provisional driving license along with your lesson to show your instructor when he will ask you.

From these papers, your instructor can understand that you are legally allowed to learn driving on the roads.

Getting set to drive

Open the door and take the driver’s seat. Adjust you well so that you feel comfortable after taking the seat.

Make sure you have taken the most comfortable position and reached your pedals and breaks perfectly.

Your instructor can help you with adjusting everything to make you feel more comfortable.

Wear commutable clothes

Put on commutable clothes so that you can stretch your hands and legs well and move your arms freely.

Think about what you have learned and get some practice Think about the driving lessons and traffic rules you have learned. Practice these if you have time at your disposal.

Ask questions to get everything cleared

If you have any problem or don’t understand a particular thing that your instructor taught, you can ask questions on it.

Keep asking questions on a particular thing until it becomes crystal clear to you.

Bring confidence in you, thinking that you are in safe hands which you are with us at Ladybird Driving School!