Pre Test Vehicle Inspection Tips for Your Driving Test


Have your Driving Test coming up soon? Are you doing the test in your own car? Check out our Pre Test Vehicle Inspection Tips so you don’t make the same mistakes people fail for before they even get started.

When a driving tester is going to use the pupils car for the driving test these are the checks they will be preforming before you even set off. So take a look at the video and check all is in order with your own car before heading to the driving test centre.


8 Reasons Cars are Refused at the Driving Test Centres:

These are the most popular reasons driving testers can not take you on your driving test and you will fail.

  1. No NCT Disk
  2. Damaged or No Insurance Disk
  3. No Tax Disk
  4. Engine warning light on dashboard
  5. Brake light not working & Indicator bulbs not working
  6. Vehicle not clean and clear
  7. Worn or bald tyres
  8. Seats not working, Seat belt not fastening correctly or windows not opening

Every day it’s the same story at all driving test centres all across Ireland! We hope by watching this video you got some great tips and don’t fall into the same trap!

Thanks for taking the time to watch this video. If you’ve any further questions for us please feel free to contact us we would be delighted to hear from you.

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