No Availability for EDT Driving Lessons in Dublin


Pupils that need EDT Driving Lessons – Due to incredible demand for EDT Driving Lessons we cannot take any pupils until further notice!

So just a little update as to our situation with bookings. So we have a 1.5 year backlog of pupils just like yourself trying to get their lessons finished and/or started.

We have literally hundreds of people like yourself now all looking for lessons and we try our best to look after everyone.

At this moment all of our driving instructors are now full until August and right now we have ceased offering 12 EDT lessons as we now cannot fulfil them due to the huge demand/backlog.

We will be trying over the next 12 weeks like the RSA to bring this backlog down.

Its no one’s fault only the Pandemic.

We thank your for your patience and we know how frustrated everyone is including ourselves.

Please bare with us while we work our way through this.

Ladybird Driving School Management