Clodagh: My Story on Becoming a Driving Instructor with Ladybird


I never thought about being a driving instructor, I always had a passion for driving, dealing with people but didn’t put the two together. I was part time working in an insurance company, unhappy, not earning very much and bored. Didn’t feel I had a future.

Along came a friend who suggested becoming a driving instructor, I thought could be a good idea as I love meeting and helping people. I found Ladybird, I had a meeting and was given all the information about becoming an instructor.

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To be honest I was won over, straight away I applied for my first exam and got studying. The training with Colm Branigan in Advanced Driving and support from everyone in Ladybird from the beginning was fantastic, I was excited to get going. Through every stage of the exam help and encouragement was always there.

I can see now I have a job for life and a happy future!
When I qualified I had a full week of work straight away and ever since my success rate is through the roof and I haven’t been happier.

Most importantly the earning potential. I never thought it was ever possible to earn what I earn doing a job that I love, so I’m forever grateful to Ladybird. Their morals and honest approach sets them apart.

Obviously beforehand I was curious and checked out other operators but I loved the idea of being my own boss in a network of quality like minded women that attracted me most.. as time goes on I know it was the best decision of my life to become an instructor with Ladybird… everything I was told about the business was true!

They went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable with everything from test route knowledge in various test centres.

They always gave me time and were always on the other end of the phone. Down to finding EDT lesson locations was very important as well.

If anyone is considering training to become an instructor don’t waste your time or money anywhere else.

You wont get treated better than Ladybird… they even did all the set up with becoming self employed, because I had no idea about all that so my worries were taken away.

Overwhelmed by the constant help I get from the management and the rest of the team!

I have met many friends, it gives me such joy when I can help people pass their test.

I can see now I have a job for life and a happy future!

Thank You Ladybird Driving School,

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