Driving Lessons Athenry

Driving Lessons Athenry

Lets get ready to get started with your driving lessons Athenry! You will find a female Ladybird driving instructor ready and waiting to start your EDT lessons or get you passed your driving test first time in Athenry.

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We have become the go to driving school in Athenry for all learner drivers looking to pass their driving test from beginner to pro and we have become the #1 choice for the people of Galway.

Driving Lessons We Provide Athenry

  • Standard Manual Driving Lessons
  • EDT Driving Lessons
  • Pretest Driving Lessons
  • Mock Test Driving Lessons
  • Car Hire for Driving Test
  • Female Driving Instructors

Why Choose Ladybird Driving School Loughrea

Ladybird Driving School Loughrea is definitely the best around when it comes offering you the best chance of passing your test under the supervision of some of the best female driving instructors in Loughrea.

We boast some of highest driving test pass rates in Loughrea. Our online 5 star reputation is quite impressive but not as impressive as the reputation we have built on the ground from happy pupils passing their test in Loughrea.

Our Pass rate is unmatched anywhere and is the main reason we are now considered the #1 choice Driving School in Loughrea.

Our management team and team of female driving instructors ensure that this record is not only maintained but gets better and better every month.

When you decide to learn with Ladybird, you invest in your future and eventually save money because doing it right first time is the key.

Local Driving Instructors Galway

We have female driving instructors that provide driving lessons all over Galway.

Driving Instructors Galway

Female Driving Instructors Loughrea (RSA Approved)

All of our female driving instructors Loughrea have been trained by our Elite ADI training team some of who are the most Qualified ADI trainers in Europe.

Our female driving instructors go through a rigorous training regime from an extremely difficult theory test of 100 questions to an advanced driving test of 1 hour and 15 minutes with only 4 faults allowed and finishing off with an instructional ability stage 3 exam.

Our Ladybird female driving instructors are regarded as some of the best in Ireland and it's our standards and excellence and elite trainers that has us leading the way in this industry.

When you choose a female Ladybird driving nstructor your choosing Quality and Reputation.

Ladybird Driving School Loughrea, We're ready to get you passed your driving test anywhere in Loughrea.

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Driving Lessons Loughrea FAQ

Choosing a proven Driving School in Loughrea

Remember when picking a driving school in Loughrea that you check out there proven passes and success rate. Check reviews, social media and ask your friends. You going to invest a lot of money kick starting your driving. Make sure you chose wisely.

How much do Driving Lessons Loughrea cost?

Driving lessons in Loughrea generally cost between €35 and €50 per hour. All depending on the driving school you pick. Most driving schools like us at Ladybird offer fantastic bulk deals. When purchasing your driving lessons in packages you will save a lot.

Do I need to be from Loughrea to do my test there?

Not at all but it does help if your from Loughrea and are familiar with directions, roads, surrounding housing estates and junctions. If your not we recommend taking plenty of pretest lessons in the area on known test routes.

How many Driving Lessons do you need to pass in Loughrea?

We get this question quite a lot. Because people are actually thinking of the amount of money they are going to need to actually get driving and successfully pass there driving test in Loughrea and that's ok. We always have the same answer tho. It depends.

Each and every pupil is completely different to the next. Our passing average is 30 hours including your 12 EDT Driving Lessons. We focus on getting your passed as fast as possible but also safety is our number one concern.

How can I pass my test in Loughrea first time?

We can help you with that. Contact us at Ladybird and our dedicated Loughrea driving instructor will make sure you pass your driving test first time. From EDT to Pass the fastest and safest way possible!

Why Choose Ladybird Driving School Dublin

Why Choose Us

Arrive on Time and in Uniform
Fully qualified ADI Instructor
Flexible Schedules for Booking
Home, College & Work Pickup
30 Years of Driving Experience
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What To Do Now?

If you have a questions regarding your driving lessons, choice of instructor in your area or need help in choosing the right driving school make sure to contact our dedicated driving education support team.
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Exceptional Instructors

Patient & Reliable
Highly recommend Ladybird Driving School. Great service & so great to learn from, no matter what stage your at. Very patient & explained each stage of the EDT to a tee!
By: Jen in Dublin

5 / 5 stars
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