5 Steps to Becoming a Driving Instructor in Ireland


We are conscious that there’s a lot of misunderstanding and slight confusion as to the initial stages of acceptance from the RSA in becoming a driving instructor and what forms are needed. Also what are the steps and stages involved and a lot of the time we get trainees wondering what happens next and what forms do I need now and so on.

We clear up all the confusion and make it a simple process.

This article takes away all of the confusion around forms to be filled out, what needs to be sent off to the RSA in your application pack and what type of responses you will receive from the RSA once you application pack has been sent.

5 Steps to Becoming a Driving Instructor in Ireland


📝 Step 1: Forms that make up the full Application

In order to become a driving instructor in Ireland the RSA are the governing body and they decide who is eligible to become a driving instructor and they base that decision on your initial application.

With that in mind the following forms and documentation makes up the full application.

There is no fee at this stage to the RSA as it’s only an application of acceptance so there’s no fee needed.

  1. Application form signed and dated in full
  2. Garda vetting form signed and dated in full
  3. 2 photographs signed
  4. Copy of tax clearance reference number (obtain from ros.ie or call to tax office)
  5. Proof of id

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Approximately 2 weeks after sending the full application the RSA will send you an email confirming receipt of your application.

Garda vetting will contact you next with an e vetting email for you to fill out and return to them.

A further 2 weeks later if everything is in order you will receive an acceptance email from the RSA with an eligibility number allowing you contact Prometric to apply for your ADI Stage 1 theory test at a test centre nearest to you.

✅ Step 2: Study Material Required to Pass Stage 1: The ADI Theory Test

We have built a study syllabus that’s the most accurate and complete syllabus in the driving instructor business.

We provide our full study pack for sale and includes an easy to read and understand, a course of booklets and books that you will need in order to pass stage 1. Basically its Stage 1 in a box.

The ADI theory test consists of 100 multiple choice group of questions that are divided over 4 core competencies and 1 member group.

The breakdown of questions per category is as follows:

  1. Driver testing procedures & documentation: 20 questions – 75% needed to pass
  2. Road safety Precepts and Practices: 25 questions – 72% needed to pass
  3. Pedagogy, Teaching ability: 15 questions – 60% needed to pass
  4. Basic Mechanic and Maintenance of vehicles: 20 questions – 70% needed to pass

Category member B: 20 questions , 70% needed to pass

Sections 1- 4 must be passed plus the category B ( car) member category

🚗 Step 3: Pass The Stage 2 – ADI Advanced Driving Test

Having successfully passed Stage 1, the ADI theory test you will be invited by the RSA to apply for stage 2 of the process. The driving test.

This is an advanced driving test of approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes and carried out on all types of roadways and conditions.

Motorway, dual carriageway, rural roads, housing estates, urban areas and national roads will be travelled on and will cover around 40 – 50km in distance overall.

An exceptionally high level is required in order to pass this Stage and only practice and knowledge will achieve this level.


There are a number of manoeuvres on this driving test including, right hand reversing, left hand reversing, turnabout, parallel parking, emergency stop, hill start.

These manoeuvres must be carried out to a very high level of accuracy, control, observation and detail in order to pass that section.

Overall you can record 4 Marks on this test and no more.

🚥 Step 4: Pass The Stage 3 – Test of Instructional Ability

Stage 3 is a test of your Instructional ability and is split into 2 phases, both of which will take place on the same day.

The ADI examiner usually plays the part of a “beginner” learner driver in phase 1 and a more “advanced” driver in phase 2.

The examiner will randomly pick 2 scenarios and will mark your performance based on a series of competencies, 16 of which are called “core competencies”

The aim is to demonstrate all of the core competencies over the course of the 2 phases with each phase lasting 30 minutes.

How do we teach you to pass stage 3?

We ensure that you understand all the competencies and how to demonstrate them as per the examiners preference.

12 to 18 hours in car training equips you with the knowledge to deliver all of the scenarios that could arise.

We deliver a structured programme of one to one training and mock test to guarantee your success.

🎯 Step 5: Qualified ADI Business Set Up

Congratulations on Having passed stage 3 and now you are a Qualified Approved Driving Instructor. Now what?

We organise all of your business preparation from dual controls, signage, and from training tools to full diary.

We work one to one with calendar management, test route knowledge and training and we guide you into the business with your EDT portal and training locations for your EDT pupils.

Lots of ADIs even after qualifying can be daunted and lost even after qualifying because this is a new business with new ways and systems.

We work hand in hand until you are proficient in all of the areas that need understanding.

The difference between what we do after you qualifying compared to other operators can be seen here from some of our current and new ADIs and what they have to say about our ADI training.

Finally we would like to bring your attention to our ADI training team who are some of the highest qualified advanced driving instructors in Europe.

Our ADI training is second to none and the proof is in the quality of Instructor we produce. Our ADI pass rate is at 98% and we would urge you to check out our instructor reviews who have gone through our ADI training programme.

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