Why EDT pupils are failing their Test with Dane Tyghe (Podcast)


In this podcast we speak with Dane Tyghe who with over 5 Million views on his YouTube channel on all things driving related, we examine the mentality that new learner drivers have in relation to 12 EDTs being a target rather than a starter course.

Everyday pupils are presenting for their Driving Test after 12 EDT lessons or 14 lessons maybe even 16 lessons and realising they have failed miserably but fail to understand why that is or how they failed.

Our experience is that for a number of reasons these EDT drivers feel that they have reached the 12 lesson target and therefore can apply and sit the test and pass it.

We Know it’s not as simple as that and the purpose of this great podcast is so new learners can benefit from it and not make the same mistakes previous drivers have by realising that you must have excellent car control and even better hazard awareness that only develops over time.

On average it takes 40-45 on road hours to be somewhat ready to pass a test. Remember you want the full licence from the tester therefore you need to show you deserve it and are able to drive alone without any issues.

We give proper guidance and solutions and show that with proper driving instructor training you can achieve the goal of passing the test. Enjoy.

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