How Long Before You Can Retake a Driving Test in Ireland?


You took your full driving test and unfortunately, you didn’t pass. Don’t panic! This happens.. A lot! – What you do next is whats important. Re-book your driving test the very same day and let the first fail motivate you to pass the next time!

Driving tests in Ireland is controlled by the Road Safety Authority (RSA). It conducts driver testing exams directly through various test centres based around the country. You are free to choose your driving test centre by mentioning the name to your application form.

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) remains responsible for the standard complying with the EU Directive on Driving Licences.

All learner drivers must take a driving test immediately after issuing them 2-year learner permits. If you fail a test, you can apply for the second time.

After each test, you will receive a test report mentioning the reasons for failure. Furthermore, you will receive feedback after the test.

Although the feedback might be brief, it will focus on the main areas of your driving test.

Before you apply for the third time or subsequent learner permit, you need to show that you have applied for it, underwent the test method recently and failed to qualify.

It is worthy to mention here that you cannot take a driving test for six months after getting the first learner permit.

This is applicable for the motorcycles, cars and commercial vehicles. Needless to say, six-month restriction won’t be applicable when you are updating from a provisional licence to a learner permit.

Furthermore, if you hold a valid full driving licence from another country for more than six months you can apply.

Here, you need an entitlement letter on behalf of the licensing authority operating in that country.

You just need to send the entitlement letter with a photocopy of it with your current driving licence to the Customer Service Manager in the Driver Testing Section of the RSA.

To make the matter convenient for you, RSA facilitates all relevant information about it on the driver licence category page in PDF format.

Retaking a driving test in Ireland

If you have failed once and wish to apply for a further test, you can do it. If you don’t want to select a test date at the point of application, you just need to skip it.

You will receive a letter for the driving test scheduled with a date, time and venue.

It rarely happens that you receive the same examiner or test as it does go against RSA policy.

Appealing Your Failed Driving Test

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly and received a tragic result as the consequence of this, you can appeal to the District Court.

If you have been a victim of your tester’s bad temper or conspiracy, you can challenge him or her in the court for the unfortunate decision.

The court will hear your case, judge and justify it before giving a verdict on it.

The court will decide – whether or not the test has been conducted properly and you have been treated fairly or unfairly.

If the court finds the tester’s faults, it can give a verdict to retake the driving test free.

Driving Test Waiting Times

The current average waiting time for a Category B (car/light van) driving test, per test centre, based on the waiting times of applicants who had a test appointment during the last 4 weeks, can be viewed by clicking the link below:

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