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The driving test is one check you cannot possibly avoid if you want to become a licensed driver in Ireland.

The average individual who wants to become licensed to drive has little or no idea of what the examination is all about at the driving test centre in Tallaght.

If you are in the dark as regards what happens at a driving test, then you are not alone. There are several others like you who seek to know about driving tests.We are here to help you understand and never have to sit it again.

Seeking knowledge as regards this is just right thing to do, bearing in mind the fact that researching about what happens at a driving test is a crucial part of preparation for the test, the more information you have regarding a driving test, the lesser your chances of encountering the unexpected when you finally take your driving test. Now, let’s see what happens during a typical driving test.

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Arriving At The Driving Test Centre For The Test

For learners in Tallaght, the date for their driving test would have been communicated to them in advance.

Hence, they are expected to prepare in advance and arrive early for the test. if you are preparing to take a driving test, you may wonder how early you should be.

Basically, it is important that you arrive at the driving test centre on time you should not be too early, and at the same time, you should not be too late.

The rule that you should not be late to a driving test centre on the day of your driving test is a no brainer.

This is because your level of punctuality speaks a lot about you.  Moreover, you are required to be in the test waiting room on time.

Also, coming late for you driving test could do you a lot of harm. Your test examiner will likely take it that you are not serious about the test and you are probably not prepared enough to pass the test.

Hence, he/she may decide to be less accommodating of your mistakes in the course of the test and in the long run, have you fail the driving test.

On the other end of the divide, you also want to make sure you are not too early.

If you feel coming too early will not have a negative effect on the arrangement, then you should remember that the driving test centre has made plans for other learners to take their driving tests at other times also.

If you decide to be around a little too early, then you stand a chance of posing interference to others who are taking their driving test.

Courtesy demands that you consider others when you make decisions. Hence, you don’t want to hang around the test centre unnecessarily.

To this end, it is suggested that you should be at the test centre once the time is fifteen minutes away from the time which you are scheduled.

When you get to the waiting room in time, you will have enough time to settle down and calm your nerves as you go for your driving tests.

Your Driving Test Examiner

The driving test waiting room is the most likely place for you to meet your driving test examiner for the first time.There will be information as to the correct Covid19 Etiquette on arrival but our Instructors would have already briefed you as to the system that is in play long before test day.

Quite a number of learners get it all wrong at this point by getting all jittery and nervous.

This is quite understandable when we consider the fact that they are about to meet that one individual person who is going to serve as a referee in their quest to own a driving license.

However, always have it at the back of your mind that driving test examiners are people like you and most likely, they have never met you before then. Hence, you have a clean slate of impression as far as they are concerned.

Also, your driving test examiner actually wants the best for you. He/she has nothing to gain from having you fail the test. But then, you don’t have to be nervous.

They are not there to purposely nail you to the cross. Instead, they will only be watching you based on certain criteria that are already set by the appropriate authority.

That is why you should never develop cold feet when you are about to meet your driving test examiner. Instead, warm up to him/her and interact freely.

You will definitely gain a whole new level of composure if you are able to get this right. Also, building a good relationship with him/her right from the first time you meet will boost your confidence and help you give out optimum performance at the end of the whole exercise.

The Main Driving Test

3 Pupils Passing,same time.Just saying.😊🐞

Just like examinations done in a conventional academic setting, it is unlikely you are going to get a tip-off in terms of exact expectations and exact test route.

All things being equal, the driving test examiner is not expected to tell you what will actually happen in the course of the test.

However, when it is time to take your test, you will be required to take the wheels while you’re driving test examiner help themselves to the passenger seat in the front where he/she can comfortably assess your performance.

Then, he/she can request that you make a variety of moves. Some possible requests that could be made by your driving test examiner are highlighted below.

  • Driving on a variety of road types: there is a quite wide range of road types in Tallaght. When you drive around town, you are likely to encounter busy town roads, narrow street roads, dual carriageways, and a few other road types.

Before your examiner can pass a verdict as regards your driving skills, you must have gone through several types of roads, irrespective of their proximity to each other.

In fact, this is the reason why there is no stipulated period of time for a driving test.

Instead, the period of the driving test is a function of the proximity of the road types to be covered to each other.

In cases where all the necessary road types are far from each other, it is expected that the driving test session is extended to some other day, perhaps the next day.

  • There is no way you can go through a driving test without being requested to perform the maneuvers. However, you never can tell which one exactly the driving Tester will request you to do first or second.
  • The driving Tester may request that you do a reverse around the corner, pulling in and moving off on the hill and the Turnabout. The driving Tester will be on the lookout for ideal spots where any of his desired maneuvers can be done.

There are other possible drills that could be requested by driving test examiners in Ireland.

However, the afore-mentioned drills constitute the major part of the test.

It is up to you to take note of them all and prepare your mind as you make your way to the driving test centre on the day of your driving test. that way, you are less likely to be caught off guard at the driving centre while you take your driving test.

Driving Test Centre Tallaght

Do you desire to take a driving test in Tallaght? Then, you will definitely have to register for your driving test at the driving test centre.

A standard driving test centre is affiliated to ladybird driving school. There, you can always have the best driving test experience ever in Tallaght.

Remember, driving test examiners are not there to mark you down.

Instead, they want you to make a success of the exercise. Therefore, they will not be overly demanding in the course of the driving test.

Hence, you have no reason to be tensed up by their presence as long as you have made adequate preparation before your driving test rate.


Finally, do not forget to keep all the aforementioned points at the back of your mind as you prepare to take your driving test at the test centre in Tallaght.For more infomation go to https://www.rsa.ie

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