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Driving lessons hold the key to safe roads and a license to driving in almost all parts of the world. This is also obtainable in Rush, Ireland.

That is why you have quite a number of driving schools around. You deserve the best driving school experience, that is why the Ladybird Driving School in Rush has been carefully structured to give the best of services to Rush and its environs.

The best of instructors who are truly interested in the growth of learners, an enabling environment, and several other provisions make the Ladybird Driving School, Rush your best bet in terms of a memorable driving school experience.

EDT Driving Lessons Rush

Driving lessons are basically the main service people demand in driving schools. What exactly do you expect to experience in the course of your driving school experience? For many, they are cool with anything that wouldn’t stress them and at the same time, will help them pass their driving test.

This is precisely what the driving lessons at the Ladybird Driving School, Rush looks like.

You can be sure to have the best of driving instructors from Ireland guide you on your way to driving expertise.

All EDT info can be also found at https://www.rsa.ie

Pre-test Lessons Rush

You surely cannot rule out the importance of pre-tests in your driving lessons. Advanced  knowledge of what your test is going to be about is a priceless asset to any learner.

In addition to boosting your wealth of experience in the driving aspect, it increases your confidence while driving casually on the streets and also when you eventually take your driving test, ultimately helping you scale the driving test hurdle at one jump.

How helpful a pre-test lesson can be!

With several years of activities in the driving lesson industry, Ladybird Driving School in Rush is definitely aware of the significant contribution of pre-test lessons to the eventual success of a driving test. That is why they pay more than usual attention to their pre-test lessons and everything connected to it.

If you yearn to acquire all the confidence needed before a driving test in Rush, then the solution you need is the pre-test lessons at  Ladybird driving school, Rush.

Car Hire For Driving Test Rush

The driving test demands lots of preparation. Of all the aspects of preparation you make while anticipating your driving test, you should never overlook the condition of your driving test car.
Definitely, the state of the car you use for your driving test is very important if you are keen on a successful and stress-free driving test.

Interestingly, learners who take lessons and driving tests with cars in a perfect state are 3 times more likely to pass their driving test than those who make use of faulty cars.

If your car is not good enough to give you a stress-free experience while you take your driving lessons in Rush, you need not fret.

All you have to do is hire a car at the Ladybird Driving School in Rush, and you can be sure to get a fault-free and comfortable car for your driving test,
putting you right on track for a successful and exciting driving test experience.

Automatic Driving Lessons Rush

What type of vehicle would you want to use for your driving lesson? Is it the one that runs on a manual gear or you would instead prefer one with an automatic transmission? Most learners choose to go for the later for obvious reasons, convenience, and ease of learning!

This preference has been noticed by the Ladybird Driving School in Rush as most of its learners
opt for automatic driving lessons. Also, its management understands that learning with ease and comfort produces fabulous results.

That is why a great deal of attention is given to automatic driving lessons. Come key into the plan, and you will definitely have a great time learning with ease.

Mock Test Rush

The right measure of confidence is needed in passing your driving test. Taking essential driving test lessons may help you acquire necessary driving skills, but it may not be enough for you to perform excellently while taking your driving test.

While there are many means of gaining confidence ahead of your driving test, taking mock tests has been recognized to generate ground-breaking results.

When learners are put under driving test conditions, and they are examined, they do the driving with less anxiety because nothing is at stake.

The result brings out their strengths and weakness, giving them areas to work on while the real test approaches. More so, they get even more
confident ahead of their real driving test. You can always take a mock test in Rush if you get to train for your driving test at the Ladybird Driving School, Rush.

Why Choose Ladybird Driving School?

Coming into a driving school, learners have a wide range of expectations. However, there is a popular demand for an experienced and patient instructor, Good training facilities, and an enabling environment for learning.

Most likely, you feel the same way too. Whatever your expectations may be, the Ladybird Driving School in Rush, Ireland is prepared and open to
bringing them to reality.

Highest Driving Test Pass Rate in town

You must have heard a little too much about how good our driving lesson services are at the
Ladybird Driving School, Rush. Nonetheless, it is not only sufficient to tell the world how good
our services are. Our previous driving test statistics show that we have recorded tremendous
success in the past, and the record is not declining in any way. You don’t want to miss an
opportunity to join the winning team and be a part of our success story.

Specially Devised Pre Tests That Work

At the Ladybird Driving School, Rush, pre-tests are targeted towards instilling expertise and
confidence in your driving. Confidence definitely helps you feel comfortable while taking your
driving tests and expertise, on the other hand, to help you brush up in areas where you are yet to
make standard progress after your essential driver training lessons. This contributes immensely
to our high success rate in the Ladybird Driving School, Rush.

Pre-Test Automatic Driving Lessons Rush

Beyond obtaining basic driving knowledge of how to use the brake, steering, and accelerator, there is more to learn regarding pre-test lessons at the Ladybird Driving School, Rush.

Several other factors that contribute to confidence and safety are also being tested. Hence, drivers who already know how to drive to a large extent but want to obtain a driving license can take pre-test automatic driving lessons at the Ladybird Driving School in Rush, Ireland. No doubt, this will help them get conversant with all that matters in passing a driving test in Ireland.

Automatic Driving Test Car Hire Rush

The steady increase in the population of cars with automatic gears is glaring. It is not in any way surprising because of the ease and comfort it offers is the responsible factor for this development.
If you also feel the same way and you prefer a car with an automatic gear for your driving test,
you can always hire from us at the Ladybird Driving School, Rush. It is best you take your driving lessons with us to make this arrangement easier.

How to obtain a Learner Permit
Learner permit is not issued to people on request. There are basic requirements. Once you meet up with all the requirements as laid down by Ladybird Driving School in Ireland, you will definitely be issued a learner permit.

All Our Instructors Are RSA Approved local Instructors

Being the body that regulates driving activities in Ireland, the road safety authority is keen on making sure all practicing driving instructors are approved by the body before they practice.
To serve in alliance with the goal of this regulatory body, Ladybird Driving School is very choosy when hiring instructors, making sure they only take in the best. Hence, it does not consider instructors without up-to-date road safety authority approval.

Best Prices in Rush

Definitely, our services are top-notch. However, we have carefully set our pricing to make it affordable for all to the largest possible extent. While we offer you premium driver training services at the Ladybird Driving School, Rush, our pricing is very reasonable, affordable, and fitting for what we offer you.

Why don’t you key into what we have to offer you today?

Your Driving Test?

We understand that obtaining a driving license offers you freedom on a whole new level. We feel a level of mutual excitement. That is why you will be making a good decision if you decide to allow us to be your guide on your journey to becoming a licensed driver in Ireland.

It is surely going to be an exciting experience helping you learn.


Yes, we have a solid arrangement to get you from your location anywhere in Rush and its vicinities to your driving lesson venue.

That way, you won’t have to worry about unnecessary transportation issues that may come up whenever it is time for your driving lessons.


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