Car Hire for Driving Test Raheny

Car Hire for Driving Test Raheny

Looking for Car Hire for Your Driving Test Raheny? We show you how to hire a Car for a Driving test in Raheny. What is a Raheny Driving Test Centre Car Hire Package? This is the best place to find out!

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You have more than likely been researching who the best Driving School in Raheny is by searching driving lessons Raheny or driving test car hire Raheny.

Having found Ladybird driving school the decision gets much easier as to who is best suited to assist you in passing your Raheny driving test first time.

  • It’s not just about getting into the car and driving around and boring you to tears with jargon.
  • It’s about a Driving test preparation that is unmatched in this industry.
  • Modern teaching techniques,Test route videos,proper and detailed information on what the tester actually is looking for.

The Ultimate Car Hire Package in Raheny

Our #1 best selling Car Hire and Pretest package is our “Ultimate” 5 hour Pretest Package. Without a doubt the main reason our pass rate is so high is because our pupils are using our Car together with our “Ultimate” Pretest 5 hour package.

As a result of this package our pupils are familiar enough with the control of the car and have gone over all of the test routes to exacting standards time and time again.

By using our Car you don’t have to worry about your own car not being up to scratch or having no insurance or tax.

Our cars are modern, clean and shows a great first impression to the Driving Tester that you too this preparation seriously.

The savings you make from much cheaper insurance having passed first time far outweighs the cost of our pretest lessons.

What’s The Benefits of our Car Hire in Raheny?

  1. Fully Insured Car Hire
  2. Fully Taxed Cars
  3. New and Modern Cars
  4. Maintained to the Highest Level
  5. Ladybird Driving Test Insurance for Raheny Test Centre
  6. First Impression to the Tester is Paramount
  7. Spotlessly Clean Inside and Out
  8. You needn’t worry about a thing

Who Can Use Our Driving Test Car Hire in Raheny?

Any person sitting a Driving test and who holds a valid and up-to-date learner permit. If you don’t own a car you can avail of our Ladybird insurance which covers you to use our car to sit the driving test in.

If you car or van is not up to scratch or has no take, insurance or not.

8 Reasons Cars are Refused at the Raheny Driving Test Centre

  1. No NCT
  2. No Insurance
  3. No Tax
  4. Engine warning light on dashboard
  5. Brake light not working
  6. Indicator bulbs not working
  7. Worn or bald tyres
  8. Seat belt not fastening correctly

Local Knowledge Driving Instructors Raheny

Ladybird Female Instructors are the best in the business as can be seen from this website. They are passionate women who do the job with integrity, honesty and pride.

You can’t buy these qualities on any website as they are either natural or not.

We have built our reputation with these morals to the forefront of everything we do. We treat our pupils with respect, we are courteous and polite and very patient with all our pupils.

Selecting Ladybird is a wise choice with a female quality perspective.

Last Minute Car Hire in Raheny

In this very busy world it is easy to forget and overlook things. Everyday we get last minute customers looking for one of our cars to sit their test which we are glad to help in any way we can.

Should your car not be up to scratch then call us and we will facilitate you as best we can.

Why Choose Ladybird Driving School Dublin

Why Choose Us

Arrive on Time and in Uniform
Fully qualified ADI Instructor
Flexible Schedules for Booking
Home, College & Work Pickup
30 Years of Driving Experience
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What To Do Now?

If you have a questions regarding your driving lessons, choice of instructor in your area or need help in choosing the right driving school make sure to contact our dedicated driving education support team.
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Exceptional Instructors

Patient & Reliable
Highly recommend Ladybird Driving School. Great service & so great to learn from, no matter what stage your at. Very patient & explained each stage of the EDT to a tee!
By: Jen in Dublin

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