Beginners Guide To Get Familiar With All Tallaght Driving Test Routes


On a daily basis, a good number of people are joining the race to get a driving license in Tallaght. Most of these individuals seek information on how to get this done and they find out that taking a driving test in Tallaght involves quite a number of factors.

This is a simple truth. If you are going to be successful with your driving test, you have to take a lot of things into consideration while preparing. One important aspect of our preparation for a driving test is your personal pretest lessons.

To get the best results, this has to be done on driving test routes.  Before we give more insight into driving test routes in Tallaght, let us take a look at the importance of practicing via the use of driving test routes in the quest to pass a driving test.

Why practice on driving test routes in Tallaght

As you already know, Learners who desire to obtain a driver’s license will have to go through a driving test.

The chances of learners coming out successful with a driving test are boosted to a reasonable degree when learners take the 12 essential driver training lessons before their driving test comes up.

You might wonder why this is very important and what bearing it has wit driving test routes. First off, this is why it is quite important.

  • It assists learners to cultivate and maintain discipline while driving and also help them develop a respectful attitude towards fellow road users.
  • Learners who go through the essential driver training lessons will gain a full understanding of driving basics.
  • It assists learners in the identification of common mistakes made by drivers and helps them with drills on how to avoid them.

The 12 EDT lessons are outlined below as stipulated by the Road Safety Authority (RSA).

  • Lesson one: car controls and safety checks
  • Lesson two: correct positioning
  • Lesson three: changing direction
  • Lesson four: progression management
  • Lesson five: correct positioning (in complex situations)
  • Lesson six: anticipation and reaction
  • Lesson seven: sharing the road
  • Lesson eight: driving safely in traffic
  • Lesson nine: changing directions (in complex situations)
  • Lesson ten: speed management
  • Lesson eleven: driving calmly
  • Lesson twelve: night driving

Details of how well the learner has made improvement should be recorded in the essential driver training logbook.

This is a book designed by the road safety authority (RSA) in Ireland to monitor and access the progress of each learner as they go through the learning process.

The logbook should be given to the learner by the approved driving instructor (ADI) at the beginning of the training.

He will be in the care of the book and he is expected to always present it to the sponsor or instructor whenever they need to pen down their comments.

In addition to the essential driver training lessons, there is a need for the learner to do a reasonable amount of personal practice. Let’s face it, taking the mandatory EDT lessons is not enough for especially for first-time drivers.

There is a need for them to practice on their own. Just like the popular saying that “practice makes perfect”, perfection with your driving drills requires that you practice as much as you can.

You can definitely do more than the required EDT. Just create time for practicing and you will be glad you did.

Relationship between EDT lessons and driving test routes in Tallaght

After all that has been said, this is the about the essential driver training lesson and private practice, preparing for your driving test in Tallaght will be much easier if you practice on driving test routes. This gives you a greater chance of passing your driving test.

This is not just a propounded theory. In fact, it is not uncommon for approved driving instructors, (ADI) to take students to prospective driving test routes for their driving lessons. 

While this is not a guarantee that they will pass the driving test, practicing on a driving test route gives the learner insight on-road navigation. The learner knows when to start negotiating a bend, when to start anticipating a traffic sign, and all.

Simply put, the learner will get used to driving on the road in no time.

Probably, you might have heard people say things like “I can drive with my eyes closed on this route”, that is such a confident thing to say.

Isn’t it? The only reason why anybody can say anything like that is because they have been driving on the road for quite a long time.

True, it is not likely a learner will be able to gain that amount of confidence between the six months of preparation that includes the essential driver training and personal lessons.

Notwithstanding, a tangible measure of confidence enough to pass a driving test can be acquired within that time frame provided the learner practices on a test route.

What you should know about Tallaght driving test routes

Tallaght has a good number of driving test routes. Driving test routes includes residential areas, double lanes, school zones and lots more.

If you begin your driving lessons early enough, you will be able to practice on almost all the test routes.

However, it is not necessary you practice on every potential route for your driving test, if you are able to cover up to seventy percent, you are good to go.

Experienced driving instructors in Tallaght are quite familiar with these routes, you can ask your driving instructor to get you familiar with them or go on YouTube to see them for yourself.


Tallaght driving test routes are the best location to practice for your driving test if you will be taking your driving test within the in Tallaght, Dublin, you might not necessarily practice on all test routes but starting early will be a good move.