7 Tips For Passing Your Driving Test Naas


Driving is one activity that is taken with high-end seriousness in most countries. This is not strange because while behind the wheels, a driver is a custodian of the lives and properties of the people and properties.

Being a country that cares about the safety of its citizens, the government of Ireland is always keen to make sure individuals are well trained and competent before they are licensed especially in top cities like Naas. Hence, it has ensured the regulation of the process of getting licensed. This has brought about a seemingly complex touch to the process of getting licensed to drive in Ireland. Hence, lots of people find themselves worrying about how to pass their driving test without having any issue.

While it is a good thing that you are concerned about the best way to passing your driving test, the first thing you need to do is to be positive. Definitely, a little dose of nervousness will move you into taking proactive steps to get you prepared for your Naas driving test. But then, it can have a negative bearing on your effort if you worry a little too much.

For you to pass your driving test remarkably in Naas, there are some seven tips that will prove to be of great help in the long run.

1: Prepare using drivers guide

This is one tool most driving test candidates don’t know about. As the name implies, it is designed to guide you through your driving lesson period up to the point when you will be taking your driving test. The first thing you should do if you want a flawless journey to passing your Naas driving test Is to have a good background knowledge of everything that is involved in a driving test. Reliable information as regards this is present in a driver’s guide.

Basically, driving tests are usually divided into theoretical aspects and the practical section.  A driver’s guide will be a handy tool for you because it will give you basic information on these areas where your driving knowledge will be examined. With the driver’s guide, you already have an idea what to expect when you take tor driving test even before you start taking driving lessons. That is definitely a great plus for you.

Most driving learners do skip this part of their driving test. However, one crucial reason why you shouldn’t do the same is that the driver’s guide contains the basic rules of the road, road signs and meanings, and even basic driving ethics. Therefore, make a concerted effort to lay your hands on the driver’s guide. Going through every page of the driver’s guide and taking notes will help in boosting your confidence behind the wheels when you finally begin to take your driving tests.

2: Train under an approved driving instructor (ADI)

Many people who have never gone through a driving test do not know who approved driving instructors are, what they do and how they operate. Hence, you might be a bit lost as you go through this.  Approved driving instructors are individuals who have been specially trained and certified to help people of all classes to gain confidence, and at the same time, maintain caution behind the wheels.

For first time learners, it is almost impossible for you to pass a driving test in Naas without the supervision of a professional driving instructor. Yes, they are that important! The wealth of experience an approved driving instructor is one factor that makes them an indispensable asset to learners. Although their experience matters a lot. Even instructors who are newly certified can bring so much value to learners because the training they receive while training to become approved driving instructors prepares them for about 70 % of the challenges they are likely to meet while practicing.

However, if you want to get the best out of your choice of an approved driving instructor, it is best you look out for those with years of experience and a good reputation. Ladybird driving school makes sure they hire the services of highly experienced driving instructors so learners who take driving lessons with them can get the best in terms of value for their money.

3: Take practice sessions on Naas driving routes

This is the heartbeat of a successful driving test in Naas. Driving test examiners always want to see evidence of practice when you get to take your driving test. Therefore, if you take all other necessary steps and you refuse to practice, then you have a very high possibility of failing your driving test.

Interestingly, it has been discovered that those who have been driving before but only want to get licensed so that they can drive legally feel they don’t have to practice. However, most people in this category always find their driving test challenging, even with their experience simply because they feel they don’t need much practice.

If you want to get the best results for your driving test, it is important that you do the additional practice.  Although, you are definitely going to be trained based on the essential driver training lessons by your instructor, driving ethics such as always having your seat belts on, making proper use of the mirrors, and a host of other related ethics are best absorbed when you practice them yourself.  This is because the time you spend with your driving instructor may not be enough for this to become a part and parcel of you. Ultimately, it will amount to due diligence on your part when you make out time for private practice. Also, you will become a better learner and ultimately a better driver.

One other thing to do in a bid to get the best out of your private practice Is to do the practicing on driving test routes. Driving test routes refers to roadways which driving test examiners prefer whenever they are about to conduct a driving test. Features such as roundabouts, T-junctions, double lanes and all are usually present in a driving test route. Driving instructor prefer these roads because it affords them an avenue to test the driving prowess of learners.

Practicing on Naas driving test routes will give you a boost in confidence. This is because you will be familiar with every bend and bump on the route over time and definitely know when to speed up and slow down when you finally take your driving test. Definitely, preparing for your driving test on Naas driving test routes will help you do the expected in an effortless manner when you finally take your driving test.

4: Get to the driving test venue right on time

This is an all-important step to passing a driving test in Naas. You definitely must have invested lots of time and energy into reading driving-related materials, taking driving lessons from an approved instructor and even taking private exercises on your own. All these efforts might just go to waste if you fail to show up for your driving test on time.

To avoid this, you will definitely need adequate scheduling; don’t be too early, yet do not get there late. It is recommended that you get to your test center between ten to fifteen minutes before time this will give you the opportunity to tender all required documents on time and focus your mind on the test you are about to take.

5: Learn To Drive In Different Conditions

All-round preparation requires that you learn to drive in different weather conditions. You never can tell what the weather condition will look like on the day of your driving test. If you have been practicing only when the weather is extremely okay, you might have issues if the weather turns out to be unfavorable on the day of your driving test. Hence, the need to make adequate preparation in this regard.

6: Try To Make Sure Your Instructor Is Available

Let’s face it, we all need a source of encouragement in a bid to attain the needed level of confidence when we face tests. While there are many ways this can be done, one effective move is to ensure the presence of your driving instructor. When your instructor is present, it will be easy for you to recall every move, every drill, and every precautionary measure you were taught while you were learning under him. This can go a long way in helping you pass your driving test.

7: Pay Due Attention To Your Choice Of Vehicle

The condition of the car you use for your driving test can make or mar the whole process. You might have your driving instructor test the vehicle you intend to use in taking the test. His wealth of experience can go a long way in determining the fitness of your vehicle for a driving test. If your car is not fit enough, you can always hire one from a reliable driving test car hire outlet in Naas.


Passing your driving test in Naas requires that you pay careful attention to details. Make sure you pay attention to every part of these tips in preparation for your driving test. If you do, you are bound to succeed.