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What Happens During A Driving Test?

When it comes to driving, Ireland is one country that makes a difference. Both past and present government administrations have made moves to better the quality of their driving on a general note. Moves made in this direction involve making provision for good road facilities and the monitoring and regulation of the licensing process via a driving test. Driving test is one examination you just have to take in Ireland if you want to become a licensed driver.

The only known set of people can bypass a driving test and get licensed are military personnel that qualifies for driving programs for military veterans (and before they can meet up the requirements, they must have gathered a wave of experience that puts them past an average licensed civilian driver).

For many individuals who want to become licensed to drive in Ireland have little or no idea of what the driving test is all about. Hence they are conscious of what happens at a driving test on the day of a typical driving test. If you want to take a driving test and you don’t really know much about what really happens at a driving test center, it is only right that you go all out to acquire quality information as regards this.

For one thing, researching about what happens at a driving test is an all-important part of preparations for your driving test. When you have the right information ahead of your driving test, you are less likely to be caught off guard when you finally take your test.

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Arriving At The Driving Test Center For The Test

Approaching a driving test center on the day of a driving test marks the beginning of your driving test experience. For learners in Ireland who are in line for a driving test, the driving test date is usually fixed to six months from the time they are issued a learner’s permit. Hence, learners are expected to prepare in advance and arrive early for the test.

If you are already aware of your driving test date and you see it fast approaching, you may wonder how early you should arrive at the driving test center. Essentially, it is important that you arrive at the driving test center on time you should not be too early, and at the same time, you should not become late.

It makes sense not to come late to an appointment because your level of punctuality speaks a lot about you. Additionally, it shows that you value the time of others. Moreover, you are required to be in the test waiting room on time.

Also, coming late for your driving could work to your disadvantage, bearing in mind the fact that you have a lot to lose if anything goes wrong on your end. If you arrive at your driving test center late, your test examiner will likely take it that you are indifferent about the exercise. That will amount to a bad impression and he might decide not to bypass even the slightest of errors you during the exercise.

While it might spell doom for you if you get to the driving test center late, it is also important that you do not arrive at the driving test center a little too early. Although this might not have much of a negative effect on your driving test, it will likely disrupt the order of activities at the driving test center.

Don’t forget that the driving test center has made plans for other learners to take their driving tests at other times also. If you come around a little too early, then it is very possible you and others who arrived when it is not yet time for their driving test will make the test center rowdy. Your idle presence will likely destabilize others who are currently scheduled to take their driving test.

Finally on this note, courtesy demands that you consider others when you make decisions. Therefore, it is best not to hang around the test center needlessly. Therefore, it is reasonably fitting that you should be at the test center ten minutes to the time which you are scheduled. When you get to the waiting room within this time frame, you will have enough time to settle down and calm your nerves as you go for your driving tests and you wouldn’t be disrupting the timing arrangement of the driving test center.

Meeting With Your Driving Test Examiner

This is another point where learners get nervous on their driving test day. This is quite understandable when we consider the fact that they are about to meet that one individual person who is going to serve as a referee in their quest to own a driving license. However, it will do you a whole lot of good if you put your mind at rest. There are quite a number of reasons why you need not worry. To start with, driving test examiners are people like you and most likely, they have never met you before then. Hence, they don’t have any impression about you or your driving prowess at this level (except if you arrived late for the test or you are not with any of the required documents).

Also, your driving test examiner actually wants the best for you. He has nothing to gain from having you fail the test. But then, you don’t have to be nervous. They are not there to purposely nail you to the cross. Instead, they will only be watching you based on certain criteria that are already set by the appropriate authority. That is why you should never develop cold feet when you are about to meet your driving test examiner in the waiting room. On the contrary, you should be cool, calm, and collected.

Without a doubt,  doing this right will make you become friendly with the test examiner right from the outset and will help you to be comfortable around the driving instructor all through the driving test.  Also, this move will boost your confidence and help you give out optimum performance at the end of the driving test.

The Main Driving Test

In most examinations, students do not know exactly what the tasks will look like. However, they do have an idea in most cases. This is just the way it is with driving tests. Learners do not have a defined outline of what they would be tested on precisely. But then, they have an idea based on the driving lessons they must have been going through and instructions they are likely to have received from their driving instructors.

Once it is time to take your test, you will be required to take control of the wheels while your driving test examiner seats right next to you to evaluate your driving skills. At this point, he can demand that you make any move that will require you to display your driving expertise. You can expect him to demand that you do any of these.

  • Driving on a range of road types: Your driving instructor will definitely have you drive on a variety of road types. This is necessary, considering the fact that there is a quite wide range of road types in Naas. When you drive around town, you are likely to encounter busy city roads, narrow lane roads, and dual carriageways, just to mention a few.

If there isn’t enough variation of road types within the driving test route, the driving instructor might even adjourn the driving test to some other time when you can conveniently go to areas with a variety of road types. This reflects how important it is to drive on a variety of road type while ting driving test.

  • At least, a maneuver of the instructor’s choice:  if you think you can go through a driving test without being requested to perform a certain maneuver, then you are wrong. there is no way you can go through a driving test without being requested to perform a maneuver in fact, this is mainly what a driving test is all about. However, the twist to this move is that you never can tell which one exactly you will be required to do by your driving. Hence, you have to be super ready.


These are just a few examples of drills that could be required by your driving test examiner. There are other drills that could be requested by driving test examiners in Ireland. These might include independent driving, an unexpected stop, and many more. However, the afore-mentioned drills constitute the major part of the test. It is up to you to take note of them all and prepare your mind as you make your way to the driving test center on the day of your driving test. Remember, the more prepared you are, the less likely you are to be caught off guard.

Driving Test Center In Naas, Ireland

If you have plans to take a driving test in Naas, Ireland, then, you will certainly need to register for your driving test at the driving test center. You can always get this done at the driving test center affiliated to ladybird driving school. You will definitely have a smooth driving test exercise as long as you keep all the aforementioned details of what to expect at the driving test center.


Finally, do not forget to keep all the aforementioned points at the back of your mind as you prepare to take your driving test at the test center in Monaghan.

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